Well, the Kids Can't Come Home - So How Are We Doing?

Here's what happens as we move through life:  our holidays are very different things.   Our older son and his new wife are living in London and traveling in the Middle East - sending enroute an "on our way" email.  .  Our younger son invited us to San Francisco but air fare and hotels are prohibitive.  My husband has a law school paper due in January.  My work as a web editor never ends.  This will NOT be a family time of year....more


"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace." - Jimi Hendrix     ...more

Walking the Labyrinth Towards My Love

A gathering happens on a rainy Solstice eve, Hugs on a playground near a community garden.   Those who are called, come out to celebrate the night Chances of rain are high, yet the clouds hold back.   The ground is wet and our heads stay dry We have decided we will walk in rain or moonshine.  ...more

Emotion Melt Aways

Unresolved emotions bubble up at inopportune times. ...more

Seven Commitment Rules To Live By

One of the most complicated aspects of life is romantic relationships. People stumble through so many before they find the one and settle down. But how do you have a successful relationship? What is the secret? Through careful reflection of my relationship successes and failures, I discovered seven key commitment rules to live by. ...more

Upsides of Meltdowns

What do these have in common? The boss who blows her top, the screaming baby that needs a nap, the friend who gets drunk and turns into a sobbing mess. ...more

Why is the EX the enemy?

Drumroll please...dum dum dum!  THE EX!  We always assoicate the ex as "the bad one" or "the one who cannot be trusted".  We freak when we find out that our guy is talking to his ex.  Why is this?  Is it an insecurity?  A fear that he might still love her?  Why do ex's still talk? ...more

Just Spreadin' The Love This Holiday Season

My husband spent the weekend hanging the Christmas lights, buying the groceries, doing the laundry, and cleaning out the storage room (Yeah, I know he’s perfect. Blah, blah, blah.). While he was running around like the Energizer bunny, I spent the weekend stewing. He’d been gone the entire week before on business and had promised to go to the movies and on a hike with me. He was so busy we didn’t have time to do anything together. I felt unloved and neglected. When I complained, he responded, “But how can you say that? ...more


What wisdom! Thanks for the reminder that unconditional love starts with ...more