"Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life." ...more

Happy Anniversary, Baby?

Last weekend, my husband was driving us back from a night in the city. I can’t remember the conversation between the kids and I, but when Bruce chimed in, his words tumbled out indecipherable. Syllabic babble. We poked huge amounts of fun at him before he could laugh at himself....more

All Together Now

Strengthen the balance between your body and brain to connect to and enjoy your personal health. Supply your body with plenty of movement, nutritious food and cleansing water to maintain and build it.   ...more

Growth Spurt

A single working mother provides her daughter with $5 on school days to buy school lunch.  Her daughter one day decides to eat only breakfast and dinner and save her lunch money without telling her mom.  She doesn't seem to be extremely hungry or feeling weak so she continues to save her lunch money while attending high school.  Soon she has saved enough money to buy some beads, silver and crystals.  She works in her spare time on making basic necklaces and...more

Love: pass it on

Love Letters

  Do you keep little notes and cards that people have given you? I have notes from my husband and children and friends that I keep in a special place. I have messages on my phone that I don’t erase. While I may not consciously think about the scripture “The power of life and death are in the tongue”, my actions almost always tell me that it is true. ...more

The Case Against the Flawed (almost) SAHM - SAHM Project - Entry Seven

Self-evaluation is never easy. No one likes to admit when, or how many times, they are wrong. This is especially true for me. But, self-evaluation is necessary for any real, beneficial changes to occur in ones behaviors. And it seems on days that I am most adament about avoiding the blemishes on my character, my husband turns into a gigantic, gaudy mirror, waiting with baited breath to point out that I'm not as sweet as I claim to be. ...more

Running into the Arms of Great Mother (Within), part 3

PART3 While I was unmistakably being drawn ever deeper into a mystery that seemed to reside within my own being, my prickly mental self still fought the concept of the goddess.  ...more

Oh yea? well...Happy Valentine's Day, anyway!!!

  Yep, I’m one of those, an irrepressible diehard romantic who just so happens to be single. I already know that I’m that rare breed in so many different ways. I acknowledge and embrace my left of center most of the times. One such idiosyncrasy is to be a diehard romantic who absolutely loves LOVE. ...more

Somehow my actual comment got deleted...

Anyway, it was that I don't get the haters ...more

The Friday Thoughts of This Mama Says

Hi Fellow Bloggers! Would you beleive me if I told you I never knew about social media with moms, giveaways, and the 'whole world' of mommy bloggers until about 3 weeks ago? Hard to beleive I bet! I had my kids so close together I swear you can call me insane! My youngest was born when my oldest was a week and  a half shy of his 3rd birthday, and guess what!, I have four of them! wowzers, huh! I wouldn't trade it for the world and they are my entire world. ...more