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Here are 3 common items worn today that are predicted to be obsolete in the next 50 years are: 1. Eyeglasses - Corrective contact lenses and LASIK sugery are reducing the number of people wearing prescription clear glasses. (What about sunglasses?) 2. Watches - Cellphones are the latest preferred method of telling time. 3. Neckties and Pantyhose - Traditional offices are becoming a thing of the past. What else is going the way of the bustle or what is becoming more prevalent (beside tattoos)?   ...more

Tick Tock

The times they are a changin'. What are 3 common items that many people wear now that are predicted to be obsolete in the next 50 years? Check back here tomorrow for the answers.   ...more

Relationship Resolutions: Figuring Out My Top Three Dating Priorities

It's still difficult for me to imagine being in a new relationship. It's not even three months since the break-up, and I'm just beginning to truly look more forward than back. But, I know time marches on and you never know what's going to happen, really, so it's good to be prepared. And I'm ready for some change. ...more

Oh Liz!  You're in Los Angeles.  Say no more.  I hear you loud and clear. ...more


I'm your typical bachelor......Good looking, well built with light eyes, intelligent, and capable of talking a cat off a fish truck...Nevertheless, the intention of this blog is not to come off as an arrogant prick...Rather, to provide insight for women as to why men do, act, think, say and erect the way they do....I feel my past experiences, whether a relationship, my interfering in one, or just plain whoring around serve as proper credentials to feed the curiosity that torments women across the world on a minute-to-minute basis during their conquest to discovering "The One"... ...more

Oh No You Didn't


You May Begin

Ready for a quick test? I am going to ask you for your response to a simple word in a couple of sentences. Clear your mind, get ready and get honest. Here it is: how do you view limits? Hhhhmmmmmmm. ...more

stillin standing

My name is Jessica and my boyfriend and I recently had a miscarriage at 26wks. I just wanted to write about my feeling and put this out there in case someone else could relate.I give birth to my daughter Sienna Denise 7/11/09 @ 4am at a Philadelphia hospital. We went in for a regular check up and there was no heart beat with the doppler, so they did 2 ultra sounds to confirm she had pasted....more

Relationships: A Case Study


You are definitely on the right track! Finding someone to have fun with and who is also a ...more

The Importance of 'We' Time



"Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next." Jonas Salk   ...more