The Argument Hangover

The Argument Hangover ...more

New Years Resolutions Down the Drain?

It's not news that more than a few New Year's Resolutions have been discarded by now. Resolutions at any time of the year fail due to lack of clarity, comittment, and consistency. Turn your good intentions into a new habit with these 3 steps: 1. Get Creative - Use your motivation to a develop a specific and timed goal. The more details, the better. 2. Build a Mental and Physical Link to Your Goal - Make a comittment to connect with your goal through focused thought and targeted action, at least daily. The more connection each day, the better. ...more

Valentines Day Traditions

Valentines Day is coming…that one day each year devoted to sharing and showing your lover how much they mean to you. This is the day our husbands scramble to get that over priced bouquet of roses that die almost immediately, a box of candy that will require another 10 hours in the gym and jewelry that you wouldn’t necessarily choose for yourself and rarely wear....more


"Love all, trust a few." - William Shakespeare     ...more

Sample Before You Decide

Most of us can list services or products that we felt stuck with after purchase from 2 year cell phone contracts to completely wrong repair parts and ill fitting clothes. ...more

Moving On

Is there something you would like to change? Anything you can not tolerate any longer? What are some of the major challenges you are facing right now? What will these challenges look like in a year?...more



Office shenanigans

Its now becoming common knowledge that i've been involved with 5 of my co-workers... dont get me wrong, everyone knows about the Husband, everyone knows about the lying cheating Player of an ex Boyfriend, who 8 months later I'm still sleeping with. A handful of people, including the Husband and the Player know about the City Fan. 1 person knows about the Driver and the Driver, a boy called Trousers and Danny all know about The Boss!...more