The Thing About Poly - My life with 2 women.

First of all, I guess I should explain 'polyamory' - a horrible mishmash of a word but the name for something quite glorious. Polyamory is the practice of being open to being involved in more than one romantic relationship at a time.  Second, let me clear something up - this is not about sex ( it can be but not always).Why am I writing? To explain things and extol the virtues of a lifestyle that has made me, and a lot of my friends, much happier. ...more

4 Principles to Create a Healthy Polyamorous Relationship

Gracie XHere are my thoughts on four principles to enhance relationships:1)    Create your own relationship doctrine...more

The Evolution of a Crush Slut

You know that one person at that one party? I like them. That one guy that I randomly took a shower with? Yeah, I like him. That cute girl dating a friend of mine? I like her, too. And that guy?! That guy with the really great hair? Oh yeah, I really like him....more

6 Varieties of Ethical Non-Monogamy

I am all for more language to describe love and the varieties of innovative ways to do relationships and chosen family. “Ethical non-monogamy” is a great term that encompasses all the ways that you can consciously, with agreement and consent from all involved, explore love and sex with multiple people. So here’s a simple list to categorize the many flavors of ethical non-monogamy: ...more

Fostering Compersion Part 3: The Polyamorous Principle that Can Strengthen Any Relationship

I was at a party recently where a poly pal was complaining about “the myth of the almighty compersion”—the phenomenon of “being happy when your lover is getting pleasure from someone other than you.” He told me his new girlfriend of just four months had started dating another fellow and now had less time for him.“I am trying to be happy for her—but it feels about as good as the root canal I had last month.”...more

Compersion: A Polyamorous Principle That Can Strengthen Any Relationship

I vividly remember the first time I felt it.  My husband and I were in the backyard, lazing in the sun, sipping drinks as he described the previous evening. As he talked, his face looked brighter, his eyes clearer.  In a flash of déjà vu, I remembered that same vibrant and enraptured look from twenty-five years earlier when we first met. It was a sudden reemergence of his vitality that I hadn’t fully seen in our domestic nest for many years. But now in his detailed (and scintillating) descriptions, that fire in his eyes was beaming....more
Son1aO sighmore

6 Reasons Why Sharing Your Boyfriend Will Boost Your Self-Esteem​

News that NBA player Lou Williams has two girlfriends recently made ripples across the internet. While many people might expect that NBA players would secretly play the field, most weren’t ready for the shocker that both of his girlfriends not only know about each other, but are friends as well....more
Hope McCain  Why the presumption that monogamy and/or marriage is a mandatory rule set in ...more