Who Knew Albert Einstein was Also a Relationship Expert?

Albert Einstein once said:...more

At Your Service

These 3 details are essential to the coaching relationship: The client's agenda The client's desire to be coached The coach's full focus on the client and their agenda. Coaching increases personal adaptability and functionality.   ...more

Fell in love with myself on Valentine's Day

FEB 14, 2010...more

My New Underwear

I have been in need of some new underwear since I had my third baby.  I don't buy pregnancy underwear, so the elastic gets pretty stretched out and has been sliding down lately, which is driving me crazy.  ...more

10 things women do when their man is traveling

 Let's just get right to it, shall we?...more


2. We first met when I was a sophomore in high school. I had started tenth grade at a small school, after being home-schooled. I became friends with a girl there named Leann, whom I had actually met before, at church camp. We started riding horses together (all the good things that have happened in my life seem to begin the same way... you'll see what I mean later.) This was January. It was cold....more


1. Before I met him, my love life was slightly turbulent. I had boyfriends on and off (but mostly on) from my sophomore year in high school, to when I met him. With a very short break in there somewhere... ...more

Money-Saving Tips for Long Distance Lovers


Oral Reciprocation and the Art of Going Downunder

It’s been brought to my attention recently that a growing number of sexually active men don’t understand the concept of Oral Reciprocation. These men, mostly in their twenties, attempt to convince their ladies, in a variety of ways, to perform oral gratification on their ever yearning penises. They’ll promise dinner at that restaurant she’s been nagging about.  They’ll commit to going to her nephews 7th birthday party.  They’ll even promise to invite her annoying brother over to watch the game, if only she’ll take his favorite tool from hand to mouth.  They beg, plead and even blackmail their way in but when she says “I will if you will” they back stroke like a high strung Olympiad on steroids....more

Be careful what you pray for

I've learned (again) that God will give you what you pray for. . even if it's not what your heart truly desires. In this particular case, I don't know if He came through because he wants to reassure me that he supplies my every need OR because he wanted to teach me to Be Careful What I Pray For.Learn what I prayed for, what I received, and my new prayer....more