On The Fence About Having Another Kid?

Well Ladies, some good news happened to me when my sister-in-law got hitched about two weeks ago. The pressure from my in-laws to have another child was finally lifted off of my head, and so nicely placed upon my sis-in-law’s precious head. “Have another baby. Try for a GIRL. C’mom. You can do it. I heard there’s ways. You have sex before you ovulate. Missionary position. Oh ya, and don’t forget to douche.”...more

Had my first very young, and have been through single motherhood. Now married to phenomenal ...more

Straightening Out Lifestyle Misconceptions

Recently, comments on a forum I'm a member of got me to thinking about my own participation and views on being an active member of the "lifestyle" (swinging, as most people think of it).  I'm amazed that even after all this time and all the informational pieces that are out there for people to educate themselves on exactly what is entailed in the participation of an alternative sexual lifestyle that people still tend to think of it as a "throw your car keys into a bowl and have at it" kind of situation....more

Sustainable Relationships

If you have had a few relationships you know what I mean by “sustainability,” especially ones that have been a source of pain or suffering to some degree. (Some of which have compelled you to dispose of them by almost any means, organic or not.) But what of the ones you wish to keep, nurture and grow rather than watch die prematurely or unexpectedly?...more

What Women Want

Let’s start with Sarah Palin: wife, mother, governor, on the campaign trail for Vice President… Moose Lover!...more

Gardasil: Good Enough for Girls, But Not Boys?

Ever since the HPV prevention drug Gardasil hit the market in 2006, I've been very suspicious. The marketing campaign says that it is the "only vaccine for cervical cancer," but what Gardasil actually protects against are some strains of HPV, a sexually transmitted disease that may cause cervical cancer. This is very misleading, not to mention that it is possible to prevent HPV infections through safe sex practices. What also got my dander was how quickly it got pushed on the public. ...more

This is a subject that I am very concerned with as a parent of three little girls.  The ...more


This blog is intended to let men in on some of the ways women like to manipulate situations to work in their favor. It allows men to see how "evil" even the sweetest girl can be. Yes, I am a woman and I am willing to honestly talk about our ways, while most women would rather deny the truth. Yes men, tears can be fake......more

Abortion Is Funny, Sometimes

 “Abortion is not the go-to gag for a laugh,” I wrote last year in what I thought was an edge-pushing issue of Our Truths-Nuestras Verdades, Exhale’s bilingual abortion zine. After past issues on such heady topics as stigma, family, pregnancy and feelings about the fetus, Exhale decided it was time to branch out. We chose humor....more

The House health care bill has made it really hard for me to laugh this week, but I'm sure ...more

Preventing Reproductive Health Services at All Costs

Every year, Planned Parenthood offers services to more than five million men, women, and adolescents. In that year, they offer nearly one million Pap tests and more than 850,000 breast exams, provide provides more than 3.3 million tests and treatments for sexually transmitted infections, and estimate that their services prevent as many as 621,000 unintended pregnancies. Many locations offer prenatal and postpartum care. In addition, they offer safe, affordable abortions. ...more

I use to think P.P. helped out poor women and minorities and recently I began to look at ...more