Knee Shaking Orgasms...What a Girl Wants!!!

Now I’ve done my share of bed sheet gymnastics.  I’ve engaged in role play, usually playing the part of a damsel in distress rescued by a horny Cop, naughty Fireman and even a studley Plumber.  I’ve been blindfolded and spanked and covered with various jams and jellies.  I’ve been tied up and held down and I’ve even been the object of multiple simultaneous lovers, each bringing their ‘A’ game, or so they claimed. ...more

What Color Is Your Labia?

January is "make over your life!" month. Pages and pages of self-improvement schemes are clogging the cloud with their vision for change.  Kate Gosselin's straw head makeover is inexplicably everywhere including on CBS's morning show (here on You Tube)....more

Sooner or later, I bet some enterprising individual is going to try selling ass ...more

Valentines Day Traditions

Valentines Day is coming…that one day each year devoted to sharing and showing your lover how much they mean to you. This is the day our husbands scramble to get that over priced bouquet of roses that die almost immediately, a box of candy that will require another 10 hours in the gym and jewelry that you wouldn’t necessarily choose for yourself and rarely wear....more

Praise God for 40 days....Day 3

God manifests HIS power through Praise. Become a person of PRAISE, and you wil experience the release of the power of GOD. Ps 119:164 Seven times a day I praise you for your righteous laws. Think on that a minute. Could you Praise God 7 times a day. To really stop what you are doing and actually spend a few minutes Praising God?...more

What If You’re Just Feeling…

Lazy and unmotivated! So far, in 2010, I’ve put on 5 pounds, I haven’t been to the gym once, and I’m feeling kind of lazy and unmotivated. My whole inbox has been flooded with emails about keeping new year’s resolutions, sticking to the plan, and Oprah’s 21 Day Mind Cleanse. I have to tell you ladies, I’m just not there yet. And I’m kinda yuck about it. I wanted to start 2010 off with a bang....more

Fight or flight? When is the right time to leave your relationship?

Okay, so here we go with the first blog for 2010 and the topic is a bit like an open wound: it's a sore spot but won't get better unless it's touched. So let's all get together and touch this one, okay? ...more

Happy New Year! And yes, a new year will bring many things to mind that we want to change or ...more

Office shenanigans

Its now becoming common knowledge that i've been involved with 5 of my co-workers... dont get me wrong, everyone knows about the Husband, everyone knows about the lying cheating Player of an ex Boyfriend, who 8 months later I'm still sleeping with. A handful of people, including the Husband and the Player know about the City Fan. 1 person knows about the Driver and the Driver, a boy called Trousers and Danny all know about The Boss!...more

Don't Drop the Ball on New Year's Eve

I have mixed feelings about the National Institute for Reproductive Health's New Year's Eve birth control campaign, Don't Drop the Ball. It's a humorous website that reminds women that if something goes wrong with their primary method of birth control, women have a 120 hour window to prevent pregnancy by using emergency contraceptives (EC). The site encourages women to send a funny text message about different EC options. There's even a video about a text message mishap to ...more

A Note From the Other Woman

I'm taking  your husband - for now.He tells me he loves me.  I'm no niave teenager seeking his approval.  He can't help but think that he loves me.  I do all the nasty things you can't bring yourself to do - and I love doing them.  All men fall in love with that for a while....more

Diary of a late twenty-something

This is my first blog, and the first post of the blog. So far I have created a username BitchNBlog which pretty much sums up the purpose of my creating a blog. For some time I have wanted to create a blog in order to use as a diary so that I can stop bitching to my sister and friends about my relationship. This blog will emotional, dramatic, heartfelt, and I'm sure at times confusing. I guess I should lay some ground work for what you are about to read. I am a female in my late twenties living in Florida. ...more