Got STDs?

Hi Maryanne,I'm having some very painful times right now, due to not following your really great advice in your workshop…I wondered if I could ask you something? I'm having a bit of an ethical dilemma....more

Relationships Speak

Writing about relationships has become an educational experience; learning and teaching.  Join me on this journey as I try to better understand people and why they interact as they do.  Thank you for reading my blog....more

I have a burning question I'm posting for the masses.  If you have a few moments, please ...more

Sex: Destination or Journey?

“This much sex can't be healthy,” Tristan said. “I haven't had this much sex in my life.” “Should have been careful with what you wished for,” I said, turning and looking at him. He smiled, “true story.” I've never met a man who could match me in terms of desire. Being a woman of my passions, I am naturally inclined to take advantage of this at every opportunity. “I'm starving,” he said. “Let's go get something to eat,” I replied, rising. ...more

Life is CRAZY.....Keep it real! are so true!  the journey is the best ...more

From Sotomayor to The Cost of Being Female: Feminism in 2009

The end of the year is for reflection.  I like to take a look back at all the feminism & gender issues I covered for BlogHer.  Since it's hard for me to remember what happened an hour ago, let alone in July or, heaven forbid, January, this is an important exercise for me. It reminds me what feminists accomplished, what still needs to be done, and what I'll can only laugh about or else I'll be curled up in the fetal position whimpering.  This year, I sorted stories by topic. 1sts ...more

Given how much I missed and my own personal biases on the issues, I would love if people ...more

Why is the EX the enemy?

Drumroll please...dum dum dum!  THE EX!  We always assoicate the ex as "the bad one" or "the one who cannot be trusted".  We freak when we find out that our guy is talking to his ex.  Why is this?  Is it an insecurity?  A fear that he might still love her?  Why do ex's still talk? ...more

Luxury Sex Toys are tres Chic

Swarovski Glass Range – Violet Piece by Shiri Zinn ...more

What THIS woman wants from men

Since my resentment at being lumped under "women" by this pointless list has made me go and start a blog and be yet another voice in the cacophany, I might as well reproduce the full list here, with my comments (in italics).Full disclosure: I'm 37. The original article was probably written by a 14 year old wanting to sound 25....more

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How To Connect To A Man, By A Man

By Man On The Fence He’s back again! Giving us ladies a man’s view on how to connect to the opposite sex. What do you think?  —————————————————————- ...more

Follow Up To My Last Blog

Monday, December 14, 2009 Follow-Up ...more