Follow Up To My Last Blog

Monday, December 14, 2009 Follow-Up ...more

It’s Almost 2010 – What Is Your Game Plan?

It’s that time of year again! How quickly it came. You know, the time of year when people start thinking about making resolutions, life improvements, and figuring out their game plan for next year. Often people make resolutions to head back to the gym. I love gyms in January! They’re completely packed. You can’t get a bloody machine if you tried. All the resolutioners are pounding the pavement… hard… literally… for like five minutes. Then, by January 20th, the crowds calm down to normal levels and those people return back to their old habits....more

I've been exposed!

Do one thing everyday that scares you....more

Not Yet a Crazy Cat Lady

So Maybe It's Debatable ...more

Is it REALLY cheating?

Don’t shoot the messenger…I’m simply asking a question. A blog about cheating… Okay, so lately we’ve been hearing a lot about cheating male celebrities and the horrific outcomes. Mark Sanford faced impeachment. Tiger Woods is losing endorsements. John Edwards and David Letterman faced horrible embarrassment. And Steve McNair paid the ultimate price. And let me be clear: I’m SURE there are plenty of women that have cheated or are cheating as well, but for some reason, the men are making the headlines for it. ...more

Are You Faking Your Orgasms?

I am of the belief that faking an orgasm on occasion isn't so wrong for your mate...what do they know?...but it’s a huge injustice for you to do to yourself! God, in his infinite wisdom, gave each of us ladies the mysterious ability to orgasm in more than one way and more than one time.  Why would we deny ourselves that physical and emotional pleasure? In the name of chores, kids, work, stress?  I subscribe to the practice that there is no better way to relax and rejuvenate than to have an orgasm or two several times a week....more

Calling Out All Cougars!

Today’s Blog Post was sort of like a joint effort between myself and the yummy mummies at the local Second Cup Cafe. It all started with my girlfriend, who met me for a coffee after school drop off. “What are you writing about today?” she asked. “Not quite sure. Was thinking about Cougars. What do you think?” I replied. In no time, we had about 5 women there, all throwing ideas my way, me typing as quickly as I could. I know why I never go to that particular Cafe to write. It’s VERY distracting. But FUN!...more

You had me at yummy mummies...and now I get to "mind-blowing sex."

Hotttt. Sex sells, loving it.more

Empires Can't Be Run Alone

He pushed me up against the tiled wall under the hot stream of water. I could see his face in the pale light of the moon coming in through the window over us. He kissed me and held me, wet and hot, against his chest. “When I look at you, you’re still so new to me,” he whispered in the silver light. “But when I close my eyes to kiss you, I recognize you.” “It’s because we’re the same city,” I said. I don't really know you, but my essence recognizes you, Tristan. ...more

I am not sure whether this is true or whether I imagined it in adolescence, but after reading ...more

Does He Treat You Like You Matter?

I've noticed that women seek attention but aren't really getting any in their relationships, be it personal, professional, parental or romantic. We want to be heard, to be touched, to have someone notice our little quirks but we can't outright ASK for it. Why is that??...more

First off, Welcome to Blog Her!  I'm still a newbie myself, feeling my way around.  ...more