Sex Toys That Are Great For Beginners

Shopping for a sex toy for the first time can be a difficult task.  Once you find a reputable adult toy store via brick and mortar or online, there is the challenge of finding the right one.  Do not be overwhelmed.  There are a lot of fantastic adult toys for a good price, that are easy to use for beginners.If you have never used a sex toy before such as a vibrator of dildo, you are in for a treat.  Here are some tips to look for when shopping for a sex toy for the first time....more

HotMoviesForHer Welcomes Oprah Viewers!

This just in – Oprah loves porn!  Why else would she spend an entire hour-long show dedicated to porn and erotica for women?  Well, I guess it could be the statistic that 1 in 3 porn consumers are women, and that 70% of those women watch it in secret, so maybe Oprah just wanted to put the spotlight on something taboo, but relevant to so many women.  I guess it could have been ratings – I mean, what gets bigger rating than talking about sex?  Nah, I still think it’s because Oprah loves porn.*...more

Off The Fence and Out Of The Closet

By Guest Blogger, Adrienne Mosse So there I was lying in my crib, a newborn in the hospital, just hangin’ out with the other newborns in the nursery, and something just didn’t feel right. I knew I was different from all the others, but I just couldn’t pinpoint what it was… Okay, I didn’t quite know THAT young, but I may as well have....more

Women's Health Newsmix: Female Viagra, Mammogram Regulations, Michelle Obama on Health Care

Equality with Viagra? We don't know about you, but WVFC was more than a little startled to learn that there's an organization called the "European Society for Sexual Medicine." We've also been a little skeptical of ...more

Stymied by Stupak? Reject its False Choice & Culture War Divisiveness

So long as Democrats and health care reform proponents allow themselves to be pushed into exhorting about the false choice between health care reform and access to this legal medical procedure aka abortion, real reform is in peril. ...more

To Get/Keep a Man, Shave to His Will?

I visited a friend in London this past weekend. While I was there, I ate lots and lots of yummy chocolate and cheese and baked goods. I basked in the idea that national health care was a given. Even more, the UK National Health Service doesn't rob women of their reproductive rights by allowing religion to dictate what health services are covered; except for in Northern Ireland, termination (abortion) services are covered. After a horrible week in the US, where Democrats sold out women and allowed religious lobbies to impose their beliefs on my health, I thought about defecting. London is perfect! Well, except that even in the UK, women are told that you need set aside your own preferences and needs if you want to get and keep a man. ...more

I wax for my boyfriend because I know he likes it. It turns me on knowing it turns him on. But I ...more

To Marry For Love Or Money…

We’ve all seen ‘em in our communities. The girl who marries not for love, nor companionship, nor even looks for that matter. It’s the woman who marries for money. Hello, Anna Nicole Smith? ...more

The Democrats’ Dilemma: Their Own Trojan Horse Kicks Free

House Democrats broke into a paroxysm of self-congratulation for passing a health reform bill. By embracing the Stupak-Pitts amendment, however, they entered the women’s hall of shame. They had promised no more limitations based on preexisting conditions. But House leadership allowed a codicil: Except if you are a woman.   ...more