Death Made Me Get Married


Impromptu Flower Press from a Coffee Sleeve

I came up with a simple solution for pressing rose petals after an out-of-town wedding, using a cardboard coffee sleeve and a hair clip. ...more

Wearing My Engagement Ring Without My Wedding Band

While doing some heavy cleaning, I put my diamond engagement ring and simple wedding band on my ring holder. Later in the evening I noticed my naked finger and asked my husband to retrieve my rings from the bedroom. He brought the sparkly round diamond ring, surrounded by a halo of small diamonds, and mimicking a proposal, he asked me to marry him as he slipped it back home on my finger. ...more

When I Tried to Buy My Ex-SIL's New Wedding Dress

My name is Chris and I am an over-helper.I am in a helping profession so it’s no surprise that it also comes out in my personal life.  I like to help friends, neighbors, and my larger community.  Often, this works out well and is a win-win:  I get to feel good about being a helper and the helpee is, well, helped.There are instances where my helping is detrimental.  I caught myself in one of these scenarios at year’s end when I attempted to buy someone’s wedding dress for them.Yes, you read that right--I actually thought this was okay....more
yesnofilms , I take it your messages contain advice or ideas on how to help?  I've been there ...more

What Happens to Your Social Media Accounts if You Change Your Name?

As I was setting up yet another social media account, I started thinking about an interesting conundrum some people need to deal with that wasn't an issue back in my day. What do you do with your social media accounts if you change your last name with marriage? ...more
I completely understand this issue, when I setup my Facebook account, I kept on wondering what ...more

The Courage to Call Off the Wedding

I met Ellen on a flight to New York. She had just called off her wedding, scheduled for Valentine’s Day. Ellen was in her late thirties. This would have been her second marriage.“It’s almost as complicated to call off the wedding as it is to put it together,” she said. “Strange how everyone seems to take my decision personally. My parents, my daughter, my friends and co-workers, all  trying to reassure me that it’s natural to feel nervous before your wedding. I wasn’t nervous. There were red flags, and I paid attention to them."...more

Brides, Weddings and Barbie Dolls

There's a wonderful cartoon that shows a man kneeling in front of a woman, holding an open jewelry box with an engagement ring. He is saying, "Let's assume each other's debt. Trade in our independence for security and societal approval and celebrate with an event that will have cost overruns in the thousands."What's so romantic about starting married life with thousands of dollars in credit card debt for wedding related bills? ...more

Don't Hurt your Heart

Today, I decided to share some of my personal experience with you guys so that the world may get a tiny bit of advice, but it’s true.They say everybody has a one true love, so did I. I dated that person for 2 years. Being seriously involved in his family and friends made me think that we’d end up together. We were almost engaged. He actually proposed to me in front of his whole family. I don’t want to consider all of it a lie, it wasn’t, but it needed up being a joke!...more

Daily Habits to Make Your Marriage Stronger

Dave and I are about six months into our marriage, and it’s safe to say we’ve learned a lot. Since we already lived together before, I didn’t think marriage would be much different. Yet somehow it is. We’re in virtually the same situation, but it’s somehow different. It feels bigger and more important, which it should. It feels safer because you know that even if you fight or get upset with one another, you’re married and it’s permanent....more

7 People You Don’t Have to Invite to Your Wedding

I think anyone who has planned a wedding would agree that the guest list is one of the most stressful parts. It definitely was for me! In fact, it would probably the only part of wedding planning that really caused me a great deal of stress and the only part that caused me to shed any tears. Basically, it sucks trying to narrow down everyone you know to fit into one guest list. One of the things that can make it so stressful is the pressure you’re going to face from friends and family regarding who should be on the guest list....more