And the Wedding Plans Begin

WhenBrittanygot engaged and said they had decided on an October 2013 wedding, I thought we would start talking about it in November or December.Silly me.The emails and phone calls have been flying. Venue ideas, food ideas, bridesmaid dresses, rehearsal dinner, did I like this photographer’s website?...more

Everything's bigger in Texas!

Even the parties!!!!And, apparently, the spiders!...more

The big name change dilemma

“You’re changing your name?”This was the big question today at our newspaper’s features meeting when I announced that any future stories I wrote would be under my new last name.“I wouldn’t do that, ” one of the gals said, noting all the work I had done under my current last name.  She mentioned how she was sporting her maiden name as her byline.  And one by one around the room, it was apparent that this was the popular choice among all the women.  I would be the only one taking on her husband’s name legally and professionally....more

wedding advice: selecting music & printable planner

first dance ...more

Simple ideas for favors, centerpieces, thank-yous

Fall is here already!  Last time I looked up, I was slogging through April, anticipating my wedding in May, and more importantly, my honeymoon.  But, before that, I had a veritable assembly line of wedding goods all over the house.  To kick off my time here at Blogher, I think I'll offer some crafty ideas for others to use.  Even though these were projects from a wedding, they can be tailored and refashioned for almost any sort of occasion....more

My Sentimental Summer Journey

Happily Ever After


The Peculiar Heartbreak of A Mormon Wedding

As a Mormon girl, I was raised to believe that the pinnacle of my life would be when I entered the temple to marry a worthy Mormon man.  My very salvation depended upon getting married in the temple --- a temple ceremony seals a husband and wife together for eternity.  The highest level of Mormon heaven is reserved for members that have married in the temple and born children.  In short, a temple marriage is a very serious matter within Mormonism. ...more
katiekatie.. I'm not a Christian myself, but isn't Mormonism meant to be a branch of ...more

Monsoon Wedding

Today is my and Jacob's first wedding anniversary. In honor of that I thought it would be appropriate to share the magical tale of our wedding....more