Wedding Day


Wedding Wear

Is it bad when the first thing I think after I receive a wedding ivitation is, "Oh my gosh, what am I going to wear?" I can't help it.. I know I should think "Oh yay, I'm so happy for the sweet couple!" but for some reason my closet bursts into my head. I have million dresses, however I always think I need a new one.. ugghh is anyone else like that? Please say yes. AND I then I have no idea what color is appropriate to wear..? No whites or creams.. red? is blue okay? black? Isn't that 'funeral' wear? UGH!...more

The Piece of Paper

"We're all married, right?  All of us.  You, Papa, me, and Lily, right?  Because we are a family."  3 1/2 year old Virginie...more

An Engagement Ring is not a Gift

Did you know that 26 percent of all engagements occur at Çhristmas time? Tucked right in there with all the excitement, stress and partying of the holiday season, a man and woman decide to commit their future to each other....more

Another DIY completed!!

Oh snap, y'all! I'm on a roll!!!!!!Well considering we've been married a little over a year, I guess it was time to actually get this completed versus letting the items continue to collect dust. I am the type of person who will collect things for a project and then never complete said project for months and months. Anyone else like this??...more

Just an Old Fashioned Love Story

It was August 1956, and an Army soldier who had recently fought in Korea now faced deployment to a war in Vietnam. His best friend Charles (more commonly known as "Bully"), a guy he'd known since infancy, had been married for a couple of years to a very pretty girl that he was obviously crazy about.Bully had told him that his wife Marie had a younger sister who was just as pretty - and single....more



And the Wedding Plans Begin

WhenBrittanygot engaged and said they had decided on an October 2013 wedding, I thought we would start talking about it in November or December.Silly me.The emails and phone calls have been flying. Venue ideas, food ideas, bridesmaid dresses, rehearsal dinner, did I like this photographer’s website?...more

Everything's bigger in Texas!

Even the parties!!!!And, apparently, the spiders!...more

The big name change dilemma

“You’re changing your name?”This was the big question today at our newspaper’s features meeting when I announced that any future stories I wrote would be under my new last name.“I wouldn’t do that, ” one of the gals said, noting all the work I had done under my current last name.  She mentioned how she was sporting her maiden name as her byline.  And one by one around the room, it was apparent that this was the popular choice among all the women.  I would be the only one taking on her husband’s name legally and professionally....more