Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Seminary

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Seminary ...more

36 Dollar Honeymoon

"I can book our honeymoon flights for the morning after the wedding, it will cost us $36 dollars. And we get to fly first class, so we are talking free drinks, extra leg space, and nice headphones."  We are talking about flights to Puerto Rico. Frequent flier miles are worth it.  Granted, we will have to buy our flights to the wedding as well as home from the honeymoon, but still, that's a big chunk right there.  I should say, Travis gets a lot of credit for this wedding....more

I said yes to the dress!

Friday night my mom, sisters, and I set an appointment at David's Bridal to try on wedding gowns, and to look for bridesmaids dresses. I thought this would just be us trying on dresses to get an idea of what I want. Who knew that after trying on only three dresses I would have found the one I loved!...more

Fall Wedding 2014 - Michigan

    Always looking for solutions to everyday situations!...more

9 DIY foodie wedding favors

Our wedding is tentatively planned for the beginning of August 2015. Luckily, we still have a lot of time considering I want to do a lot of the décor and food myself....more


Travis and I were finally able to make a trip down to Michigan.  I only had a few days there but it was enough to meet a lot of family, see a lot of Petoskey, and make a lot wedding plans. Travis took me into the alpaca pen at his parents house and managed to catch me a couple alpacas to pet.  They were not pleased but I was thoroughly amused watching my fiance chase around alpacas just for me. Clearly he is a very devoted guy. He also tried to catch his llama, Ted E., for me to meet.  I've been told the two were somewhat of a pair of ladies men back in the day....more

T-300 Days Until Wedding Day

Which is a tiny bit little less than ten months. I feel like I should have a lot more planned. Plus once you throw in Texas for two months, it isn’t relatively a long time. But Travis plans on sending me to the slope for the month or so before so I can’t freak out. So far we’ve made some pretty decent strides in planning. I found a dress and veils and picked out colors (lavender and navy blue). My dress has a solid amount of ruffles and poof and “bling.” Travis booked our venue and we have a general idea about catering and bar menu....more

Just A Few Things To Begin Wtih

I’ve always considered writing a blog once I had something to write about. So I’ve been thinking that probably means I should start documenting my travels and adventures to keep my family updated on my long distance life. In the past year’s time I’ve flown on roughly 25 airplanes, moved mid-winter to a yurt in Alaska, camped out at 40 below [Celsius AND Fahrenheit ;-)], watched the northern lights, and gotten engaged at the start of the Iditarod, and taken a mud engineering job at Halliburton. Just to name a few of the more notable highlights....more

The Hard Truth About Love

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