Dance Steps

The world is a buzz with wedding news this week, as the British are broadcasting a real life fairy tale for the ages.  The heir to the throne has asked a commoner to be his queen.  In the words of my local DJ, "Everyone loves a love story".   This is true.  My family is living has it's own love story.  This weekend, as people rejoice over Prince William's engagement news, my family will be rejoicing at my cousin's bridal shower.  ...more

Dear Me Ten Years Ago

 Dear Me Ten Years Ago, ...more


If only we could really talk to our former selves, eh?

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Start of Something New

Well, I have always loved to write and always felt closer to myself when I do so. Last night, I was sitting up until well past 2 am thinking and thinking, trying to come up with something that would help me through my stress, something that would allow me to gain several perspectives on my own little issues, and to communicate with others who feel the same. Then, the idea hit me.  I sit for hours reading others' blogs and laughing with them, crying with them, feeling their pain......more

Make Your Nuptials Delicious With Edible Wedding Favors

Recently, I've been to several weddings that offered terrific edible favors. My friends Susan and Don sent guests home with a jar of Old Bay Seasoning and Susan's recipe for crab cakes -- a perfect complement to their Ocean City, MD celebration. Here on the West Coast, my friends Roger and Michelle gave guests mint tea, a nod to their Moroccan-themed wedding and the restaurant where they first met. ...more
Love the idea of edible wedding favors.  I did the same with the favors for my daughter's Tea ...more

gorgeous islands (which one to choose...)

craig sent me a link to the "world's most romantic islands".  omg they are gorgeous!  we still don't know where exactly we want to honeymoon, but we do know that we want a combo of culture/fun and super relaxation.  our thought was to split our time...5-7 days in one place then another 5-7 days somewhere else.  could be fun, right?!  that way, we could get the best of both worlds.  maybe touring california wine country for a week then heading south to a mexican beach for margaritas and coronas...more

Wedding Planning Advice From A Budget Bride

As a bride who has been there these are some words of advice that I would pass on to other brides beginning that adventure called wedding planning.   ...more

There's No "Me" in Bride

www.TheFeministBride.comSome people use their astrological signs to describe their personality – preordained by time and chanceArt by Katrina Majkutaccording to the alignment of the stars.  Some attribute their character based on their parents or environment; access to money or lack thereof.  There are many internal and external factors that help create you, and it’s nice to think that identity, to some extent, is something we can choose. After a short lifetime of making those critical choices or being products of our genetics or childhood, when it’s time to ring the wedding bells do we still have that personal choice to choose “who am I – as a bride?” ...more

I now pronounce you...broke. (the art of being a bridesmaid on a budget. also known as my life.)

As many of you know, 2009-2011 is wedding season for me.  In fact, I have three friends who have gotten engaged in the last month alone.  There is nothing better than seeing your friends happy and partaking in their special day, but it is no secret that weddings can be pricey, not just for the bride and groom…but for the guests and bridal party!  Since I am a full-time student with no legit income (pretty sure student loans and babysitting money do not count as actual income), I’ve had to strategically budget for each wedding that I attend or plan on attending.  Which br...more

the Project

So I am making decorated cookies for my friends wedding next summer.  Her colors are pale blue with black.  I have been surfing for some inspiration.   I have seen crossword cookies that are adorable!    So many different wedding cake cookies... ...more

The Real Skinny on The Wedding Diet