Lovely and Affordable Veils

So I found my ...more

Marriage: The First Years Are Only As Hard As You Make Them

October 8th, 2010, I married my best friend.I know, so original. But true. Paul and I were friends long before we were a couple; most people saw something with us that we either:a) ignored or b) were too blind to see...more
Loved your story! My husband and I are also BEST FRIENDS! Our relationship started out ...more

Tips for Wedding Photography



Are you all ready for your “happily ever after”? So… what are you wearing under? As we’ve decided a few topics ago, what you wear underneath and how it makes you feel inside is as important as how you look outside! Henceforth, this theory most definitely applies ever more so on the most important day of your life -- Your Wedding Day....more
@pinstigate  Haha Note to self:  ADD the option to go "COMMANDO"  =) cc:spankslingeriemore

Tips for an Easier Wedding Dress Shopping Experience

Today, I bought my wedding dress!  It was an exciting experience that took 2 trips to the bridal salon to finally commit.  My first experience wasn't a good one.  However, my second made the difference between walking out with a gown and walking away empty handed.  Here is how I accomplished the task today:1. Go on an empty stomach...more

My Disney Wedding

When I was younger I absolutely loved vacationing at Walt Disney World with my family.  I may or may not have remembered passing the Wedding pavilion as the monorail traveled past the Grand Floridian Resort, but it didn’t matter because I never gave it a thought that marrying there would ever become a possibility.  <...more

To Be Or Not To Be A Bridezilla?

 I don't think it's in me to be a bridezilla. I've seen some of these zillas in my time and it's not a flattering way to act. Right now (and I say right now, as I've been engaged for only a month) I am able to keep the stress level low. It may be selfish, but I look at this wedding as "What do my fiancée and I want?" ...more
It really is a matter of what you and your fiancée want. I was ready to get married, but I was ...more

And then I got some sound wedding advice.

So over the weekend I decided to use some much-needed downtime to peruse the interwebs looking at ideas for our wedding. I mean, just because we don’t have a guest list, wedding venue, or wedding date picked out doesn’t mean I can’t find adorable cocktail napkins on Pinterest that say “eat, drink, be married” and then make CB come in from the other room to look at how awesome they are.Right?  ...more

I Will NOT Stress Out Over This Wedding

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@sayitrahshay I LOVE that, Rachee! "It is a big deal, but it is not the deal". That sums it up ...more

10 Amazing Ideas for a Military Themed Wedding

 Saturday Evening Post (1930) - Barclay 016...more
ishields83 Thank you so much. Congrats on receiving a dress through Brides Across America. Best ...more