Sex and Snapchat? Today's Minor Experience

I am Maria- a 23 year old living in the 'semi-college’ town of Tempe, AZ and I am an AVID Snapchat user.

Coming from the era where social media has evolved from chat rooms to what we see today, it’s only natural for me to use the newest upcoming social networks. When I started using Snapchat, I was sending funny pictures to my best friends; mostly funny selfies, the infamous black background as a coloring board snaps, and let’s not forget the food pics (I’ve got to make my friends jealous).

As I was having fun adding more and more friends to send snaps to, things got a little frisky…

There was a dark side to this media I did not know about. I was using it so innocently and I was so oblivious to this side the Snap World.

At first it started with sitting on the toilet pictures; granted they were rather humorous at the time, I wasn’t too intrigued by having a Five-second glimpse of a person’s undies as they sit on the toilet. Eventually the snaps (photos and ohh the videos) got a bit more intense. I would receive snaps of guys moaning, stripping down, quick dick pics, I poor eyes felt violated for a max of Ten-Seconds. But that did not stop me from using this naughty application. I was rather flattered and disgusted at the same time. Is Snapchat genius way to send people a quick glimpse of what you have to offer? (Down there) When I am bored I tend to use it to my advantage, although I send mostly photos of my face with a simple “hello thereJ to initiate the snap conversation, the ending result tends to lead to some interesting photos.

With the new update to Snapchat people can actually chat with one another without being limited to the small secluded space within your cellphone screen. To get to the meat and the inspiration of this post; guys really use Snapchat to try woo the woman!

Although “Woo” is not the proper word for this experience of mine; I did come to realize that any social media could be used to find someone some ass.

Over the weekend I was sending snap chats to people to come over to my house; I was showing off my poor fridge full of beer! I needed to get rid of my beer because I needed room to use my fridge for its true potential… for food. This morning an ex co-worker saw the snap chats and assumed they were for him to come over and I was trying to flirt with him. Naturally, I laughed. His chats back to me resembled an anger possibly from the fact that his presumption was incorrect. To bring his mood back up I started asking him about himself and life, his replies were minimal three to four words. His final chat was his longest, “This conversation is not leading to sex, so good-bye.”

Blunt, yet true, I couldn’t help be laugh and allow this ten minute conversation make me think about how I came about to use this media… Snapchat.  

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