Sex: Four years later...

Let me just start off by stating that I’m a very sexual woman. I love having sex, making love, body-rocking, carpet-munching, “scissoring” or whatever you’d like to call lesbian sex – I love it all. At work, I even daydream about sex: where I’d like to have it, how many orgasms I’d love to experience, role-playing, spankings, biting, scratching…anything you can possibly think of.

My partner and I experienced many of these moments…up until year 3. I’ve gone through my share of emotional issues with work, school, family, finances, weight loss/gain and she has suffered the same. Within time, our sex life completely nose-dived compared to where it used to be. Currently, we have to make appointments to have sex with our busy schedules. When we finally get to it, it consist of , what I like to call, the “Ones and Twos”.

The “Ones and Twos” consist of nipple rubbing and licking, clit rubbing with one-finger penetration, a sensual kiss then…rolling over to go to sleep because we’re two damn tired to take it any further. We’ve been doing this once every third week of the month for the past year – not because we don’t love each other but we’re so consumed with the hustle of everyday life, we haven’t really figured out a way to make it hotter. In the past year, I’ve purchased a few “outfits” that just happen to always malfunction before the party starts.

I refuse, absolutely REFUSE to read Fifty Shades of Grey or any other types of bullshit in relation to hot, steamy sex. However, I love watching porn! I’m instantly aroused when my eyes meet the screen and I can’t get enough of it. I’m figuring a cocktail of great porn, new toys, a new outfit with some wine and quality time can get the ball rolling. least I think.

January will be year 4 and we still have lots of work to do.


Couples/Newly Weds/Married Couples: How long did/does it take for sex to dwindle, in your experience?

If you’ve experienced the same thing (Gay or Straight), how did you get out of this phase?


Live your best life!

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