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Knowing about sex positions is a widely popular subject and it interests all of us because it relates to one of the most basic and primordial instincts of humanity that is sex. There are so many questions related to positions that comes in our mind and which we would like to get clarified. Let’s see some examples of the most common questions on sex related positions.

1. What are the most common sex related positions?
2. Which are the sex related positions which can give me maximum pleasure and enjoyment?
3. What are the best oral sex positions?
4. What are the safe and recommended sex related positions during pregnancy?
5. What are the sex positions for somebody who is suffering from chronic pain or other debilitating conditions?

These are just few questions to mention. There are many more for which we are seeking answers so that we can enhance the quality of our sex life. Before going any further let me tell you that practice of sex is a natural phenomenon and the best sex related positions are discovered by the individuals themselves during the actual process of sex. What is available as sex advice and theory of sex related positions is nothing but a thesaurus of practical experiences. Therefore we must be very clear that the hunt for sexual pleasure and enjoyment primarily begins with our own practical experiences and the body of knowledge that is available can at best be our guide for discovering our true passions through creative sexual practice.

Sex related positions: Goal of good sex

Now coming back to sex positions it can be defined as a subject which includes descriptions of various forms of sexual intercourse as well as other sexual acts between individuals or people. The sexual intercourse and other acts of sex are described by the positions the participants take during performing them.

The goal of good sex is to enhance the overall pleasure in the sexual act which can lead to peak orgasm and climax. Therefore we need to understand that knowledge and practice of various sex related positions is not for doing complex acrobatics with our body but it is for enhancement of pleasure through the sexual act. In this regard the simpler and comfortable the sex positions the more it is better for good sex with overall pleasure, orgasm and climax.

Sex related positions: Women-on-top position as an example

Let me give you an example of a sex related position where both the partners can enjoy the sexual act to the maximum. Women-on-top is a position which is a win-win situation for both the parties involved in the sexual act. As a woman when you are on top it helps you to control the whole pace and depth of thrusting and further this position helps you control the arousal and stimulation of your sexual organs and sensitive areas like the clitoris and the G-spot. A twin arousal and stimulation like this can make you explode with orgasmic pleasure. This is also a position where your body is open for lot of exploration by your partner. This can further help to enhance your sexual pleasures.

This is a position which puts you in total control. It makes you close to your partner as well as helps you to be in charge of your own pleasure. Now the question is what about your partner? Does he like it too? Research shows that attitudes are changing and men like women who can take charge in the act of sex. As “women on top position” is a complete role reversal of the normal tradition where men are always expected to be on top and in charge it surprises men in the beginning and then it stimulates them. Many of them might not accept the fact openly but subconsciously they like to be with "women" who are sexually intelligent and enterprising. This was just one example. There are many such positions which can bring back that zing and charge in your sexual life.

Sex related positions: Be creative and explorative

The mantra for good sex is to be creative and explorative. Come out of your bedroom. Explore the pleasures of sex in your kitchen, in your bath, on your sofa and many such naughty places. You will find that every bit of creative thought in your sexual life leads to numerous sex positions that can enhance the pleasure of exploding orgasm and climax.

Sex related positions: Knowing your man

Knowing your man is also important for good sex life and a stimulating relationship. His sexual passion and leanings can change with his hormonal levels, stress levels and even the time of the day. Therefore you need to make an attempt to understand the physiological and psychological clock of your "Man" to enhance the pleasures of your sexual life.

Sex related positions is a wide subject as it is a ocean of knowledge which has been derived from the practice of enterprising and creative individuals not from today but from the origins of humanity itself. We can try to give some structure to the study of sex positions by elucidating the major subtopics that need in depth analysis. These include the following

1. Penetrative sex related positions-This includes positions such as Penetrating partner on top with front entry, Penetrating from behind, Receiving partner on top, Sitting and kneeling, Standing, Anal-specific positions, Less common positions, Using furniture or special apparatus, Positions to promote or prevent conception and Positions during pregnancy.
2. Non penetrative and other positions-This includes Genital-genital sex.
3. Oral sex positions-This includes positions such as fellatio, Cunnilingus, 69 and Anilingus.
4. Group sex- This can be with “Three participants and Multiple penetration” and Group sex with multiple participants.
5. Historical and Modern sex related positions.
6. Sex positions tips- This covers topics such as Physical position, “What Movement and Who is Moving”, Angle of Penetration, “Limbs, Which Ones, and What are they Doing?”, Rhythm, and Speed.
7. Classification of specialized sex related positions-This covers positions such as Right angle sex position, Knees on chest sex related position, Doggy style hands and feet sex related position, Wall standing sex position, Pregnancy sex positions, Leg action sex related position, Kneeling ball sex related position, Edge of the bed sex position, Spooning sex position, Side by side sex related position, Doggy style or rear entry sex related position, Woman on top sex position, Reverse cowgirl sex related position, Missionary sex related position and Porn star sex related positions. 8. Sex related positions for maximum Orgasmic pleasure.
9. Creative sex related positions.
10. You on top sex related position.
11. Types of sex related position that all men carve.
12. Question and answers on sex related positions.

We must remember that sex positions do not lead to good sex but it’s the other way round. Good sex i.e. passionate sex leads to creative and enterprising sex positions for enhanced pleasure and exploding orgasmic climax.

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