Sex Sells - Canada's Womens Rugby Team Knows It

Sex Sells and hopefully you are buying according to one women’s sports team. The World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016 are where Canada’s Women’s Rugby Team want to be and in order to accomplish that goal they have to raise funds. So, what is the best way to do that? Strip down and do “tasteful” photos for a calendar….oh and add in that it is helping young women by ‘promoting a healthy body image for girls.’ The calendar might sell but I’m willing to bet the bulk of the buyers won’t be girls or parents who are looking for self esteem tools such as this.

How did I come to know this calendar was even out? Well, a huge spike took place on my blog. I had written a blog post some time back on a players appearance on Global News Sports. The sexism that surrounded the interview questions peaked my interest and frustration level. Of course, not knowing where my post ranked on Google I had no idea that once the calendars were out so many more people would check out what I wrote. I venture to guess, by the weekly search for the name of the player, (that shall now remain nameless) they were more interested in taking a glimpse at her seductive photo than anything else.

Recognition and support seems to be hard to come by. Apparently the team had tried to raise funds through more traditional methods but were unsuccessful. Alas, they discovered that nudity will help them buy what they need. Tasteful or not, I view it as a sad commentary on the value we place on women in sports. I also found it to be a joke to add in the part about ‘ helping young girls’ through these photos. Girls and women everywhere need only to walk down to the local store to see so called fit women staring back at them on the covers of multiple magazines.

Granted, some are not over 150 pounds of fit but still seeing any women posing half clothed is not new nor is it the foundation for building self esteem. No politician type speak is going to parlay this into anything than what it is… a quick, easy way to raise money from men (for the most part) who probably wouldn’t find a dime or the time for women’s sports on any other day. 

The fact is sex sells and this calendar isn’t going to change another fact that women’s sports remain a distant second to the often well funded and highly publicized men’s sports. If you criticize this method of fundraising you can be labeled with the usual crap, like prude or jealous but that is all bunk! You can already know you are a beautiful, sensual, intelligent and talented woman without subscribing to the usual ways in which women can be represented in media and culture.  I learned through the spike in my blog that until such time as this one rugby player became a calendar pin up her name wasn’t even really on anyone’s radar. The minute she removed her clothes she was all of a sudden important. Now that isn’t something I’m willing to pass on to any young girl. 

You can’t be a girl that grows up to be taken seriously in her sport if you can’t see that happening right now!


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