Sex Tips! Getting Your Thanks On!

While the traditions of Thanksgiving now center on eating a big dinner and making turkey pictures out of hand prints, this holiday was once actually all about sharing skills and giving thanks for the good things. Obviously they were talking about sex. Okay, fine, it was all about the harvest, but really, I like to think it was all about hot puritan sex. Show me your ankles, you dirty thing. So in the spirit of the stuffing and gravy, here are a few tips to make some bedroom tradition of your own!

- Show Thanks. Let your partner know exactly how much you enjoy the way they nibbled on your labia or kiss behind your ears. Get out of that taking-for-granted rut and bring a sense of genuine thanks to your sexy time. Don’t want to just come out and say thank you? Gush your gratitude during dirty talk and moan out the many things you love, all the while, licking down their body…

- Get Stuffed! As we all know, Thanksgiving is about stuffing yourself with food, stuffing all your family time into one night, and of course, eating stuffing. The thing about stuffing is that everyone has a different recipe, everyone likes a different kind and everyone thinks the kind they like is the best. Sometimes when people try a new kind of stuffing, they love it, and other times, it just reminds them of how much they truly love their own pick. That said, in the spirit of the season, try a couple new things and see if they stick, or if you’d rather, just toss em’ out with the bag of giblets. Either way, you’ve explored the options.

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Happy Thanksgiving!


J.D. Bauchery


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