Vacation and Re-examining My Priorities

So I just have to blog about this or it's going to drive me insane. I don't feel like I really have anyone to unload this on because, well, I feel stupid and I know a lot of people I'm friends with (not to mention family!) would shake their heads with the "I told you so" look. And yes, I know. And yes I know I'm a fucking idiot. I'm just realizing now, as well, how selfish I am and that's the embarrassing part. Well, that and spending ridiculous amounts of money on something after I'd finally gotten my finances back in order....more

Sexual Options...A Totally New Thought

 I thought long and hard about how honest I wanted to be about this journey I'm on.  But before I even began, I promised myself I wouldn't hide anything.  Even when sharing, makes me feel exposed and vunerable, I'm going to take the risk and put it out there.  ...more

Peering through Porn

In an attempt to interest my sex drive in any activity, I've been checking out a variety of sexual options.  Including porn.  Porn has always been a very mood specific interest for me.  In the past, there are times when I found it arousing and a great tool for increasing sexual interest.  Other's just something that seems plain silly.  ...more
Everyone is different, just don't over stress out yourself. Relax and enjoy is the key. Cheers!more

Desperately Seeking My Sex Drive!

Here's the thing... Few people seem to be writing specifically about sex and life of women approaching 50, at 50, or even after 50. That can't be right; other women must be dealing with sexual stuff at this age, right? Well, I've given up looking and decided to write about it. Maybe someone else will read this and think, "Hey...look. At least one other person on the planet gets this craziness!"...more
Oh!  And you need to get to know the ladies at Generation Fabulous!  They ROCK!!!more

July 11th 1993 – The Topic of Every Age and Generation – SEX!

I’m on an airplane at the moment! And the sun is about to set! Cool! Yesterday evening was way excellent! I took a nap before chow time and I had the most crazy dream!! There was a huge metal yellow dinosaur. It was ravishing a school and you could see the smoke rising up from the town below! I knew it was a trick or a joke but no one in the school did and they were freaking out! Then the dream switches – all of the crew who are with this reef trip were in a big building hanging out doing various things, like reading and paying cards etc....more

Masturbation: A Love Story

There are a number of things my parents have (tried to) ban(ned) my sisters and I from gaining a curiosity for growing up....more

Musings of a sex entrepreneur

Almost one year ago, I decided to take a big chance with my money, my time, my career, my relationship and, most irrevocable and terrifying, my personal brand.  I'd spent decades cultivating a certain image of respectability that, once I announced to my friends, family, colleagues and clients that I was starting a fantasy subscription service, I'd irrevocably draw a Mariah=sex in people's minds. Ultimately, I couldn't NOT do it, so I took a deep breath and announced to the world that I was now a sex entrepreneur....more

More dangers of dining down under

I kind of hate to write this because I don't want to give cunnilingus a bad name, because the word itself already sounds like somebody hacking up a hairball...more

Should You Be Jealous Of Your Boyfriend's Masturbation?

When my boyfriend schooled me one sunny afternoon on his masturbatory modus operandi, I realized that I didn’t know as much as I thought I did on the subject. I believed, like I assume a lot of other women do, that when he masturbated to a short online video, that it was because he didn’t want to have sex with me. I thought that he was choosing his hand over mine. And I’ve got great hands, strong yet sensitive. But I digress. ...more
@RebeccaHoward Thanks for the tip. I'll let him know and thanks for stopping by.more

Once You Go Kink, You Never Go Back?

Yesterday, one of my patients coded in an ICU room one floor above my granny’s own ICU room. I was on hour 14 of my work day. My body was tired and my mind was fried, racing with random stressors… you’ve lost one grandmother this year already, it’s too soon to lose another… stop to pay the deposit on the graduation venue tomorrow after work… compliance training is due tomorrow, final warning… where is your period? Oh. The patient. This script has been on a cruel, everlasting loop in my brain for the last couple weeks. Emotionally, I’m fragile. Sexually, I’m frustrated. ...more