I did what he said the second he told me and man was I surprise.“It didn’t fit!”Remember I told you (LxWxH).  There was no problem. I was wetter than the pool at the hotel. He was just a giant. I could feel the wall inside me scream from the pleasure of being caressed by the smallest thrust of his hips, which caused his member to enter with caution. The sensation was so good that I couldn’t make a sound. It had to be the expression on my face that gave him concern.“You ok?”...more

Where do you find an acceptable man?

Where to start?  At 66 years old, after being married to my best friend for nearly 40 years, and thoughtfully and prayerfully deciding I want another man to hold me in his arms, where do I find him?  ...more
Hoping something wonderful happens for you.more

Having Sexual Feelings during Sexual Abuse does NOT amount to Consent

Many people who are being sexually abused have sexual feelings during the process. It is a natural body response. This does NOT mean that they consented in the abuse.  Most people come out of sexual abuse believing that it was, at least partly, their fault because of the sexual feelings they were forced or seduced into having.  That is why many people do not come forward when they have been sexually assaulted. Sex with someone who has power over you is sexual abuse. It is completely the fault and responsibility of the one in power....more

Walk this way

Please understand that this is me and I enjoy what I do. Juggling my professional life, toy seller life and blog life can get kinda rough if you think about it.  There have been times where I can’t place into words the wonderful things that are going on because I’m tied up.See what happened was…He had his toys picked out and paid for.  I placed them in a plastic laundry bag from the room closet.“My room right!”...more

Does he really love me? His actions speak louder than his words.

I get a lot of questions from women trying to decipher how their partners feel. They wonder: Am I wasting my time? Can he/ she put more effort into taking care of my needs? Does he really love me? Maybe they want to take the relationship to the next level, but more often they are confused about exactly where they are.In my opinion, how your partner treats you says everything. His actions are most important, not his words....more

Five Myths About Losing Your Virginity

The first time I had sex, there was no blood. It wasn’t painful, either. In fact, it was pretty damn fantastic, but I was super freaked out because, contrary to everything I’d ever heard about how my first time was going to go, my hymen didn’t break. When I told a friend, she told me that she had to have sex a couple times before hers broke. We tried a couple more times, and still nothing. Did something happen to me when I was younger that I didn’t remember? Was I a freak? To be honest, I was really scared. ...more
TerriLynnMerritts  The statement that 63% of women don't experience pain was based on an actual ...more

What I Learned By Having Sex on the First Date

We are all grown up enough to know that not every date we go on is going to be exactly the same. Some are going to make for great stories because you had to tell the guy your lips weren't chew toys. Some are going to end after one coffee and an awkward handshake. Some will end in explosive orgasms and that is that....more
mryjhnsn Throw them at the guys who say girls can't have casual sex. Can't forget them! :)more

Masturbation: The White Elephant in the Room

Being my normal bookworm self, I was reading a book Hooking Up (there are plenty of books out there but I don't recommend this one) and it was talking about how humiliated the author was about saying she masturbated and I realized holy shit, this is a real problem. I used to be the same exact same way....more

MidLIfe Sex


You, Me, And Hitachi: How To Introduce Your Partner To Adult Toys

  A coworker of mine (thankfully, long before I started working for Spicy Gear), once said, “Any girl who has a vibrator and isn’t single is disrespecting her man.”“WOAH,” I said, “that’s so not true. What about girls in long-distance relationships?”“Well, I guess I could sort of see that.”...more
SnarkySass  Glad to hear you've had success in the past sharing toys! It's really not so hard, ...more