Where I Defend The Right To Enjoy The Hell Out Of Sex

It is very well written and it reminds me how much I liked to read my mother's Cosmopolitan when ...more

Aunt Tulip

Aunt Tulip always gave us as her nieces’ good advice on men.  Why we as women can’t take or even give advice even to those women who need it the most. Like most of us when we were younger, we knew everything about nothing....more

Support Groups Using My Book, Enfolded in Silence/ A Story in art of Healing from Sexual Trauma in Childhood

 Another support group for survivors of child sexual abuse is going to use my book in their sessions, Enfolded in Silence/ A Story in Art of Healing from Sexual Trauma in Childhood. This is one of the things I hoped would happen in publishing this book. It has a lot of suggestions for survivors. If you know any groups who support women with any kind of trauma or loss, let me know. There are special low rates for groups....more

View From My Porch

View From My PorchSix years on my porch I watched you hustle from your front door to your carand all I knew was your walk, the way your legs spread far apart, how yourleft shoulder seemed heavier than the right as if your heart outweighed your ribs;but never the cleft in your chin or how your eyes dethrone your facewhile you attend. You, with your wind-up cars, throwaways after too many runs, too manybroken beers or spines in your back seat. How many times have you been out...more


It has been one of those weeks. And now Snow!! They have been talking about at least a few inches.  That is where the trouble starts.  With the onslaught of snow, our window to sell toys outside from out trunks is going to go slow. It is cold outside, and how many women will want to stand outside and look at toys....more

Do You Pick the Wrong Guys?

I was talking to young woman the other day and she was telling me about a boyfriend that she had been with for almost a year.  It wasn't until about eight months later that she found out he was lying about several things.  In addition to lying, he didn't have any money to go places - she always paid (yet he had money to buy video games), he was not that happy of a person and he was very negative about past women in his relationships.  These weren't the only red flags either.  ...more

A Shower, A Sexy Toy, and Tons of Steam

“I have to meet with my sisters.” Opening the bag, I began to take out my toiletries and clothes, placing them on the chair neatly. “What is this?” Reaching inside he pulls out a very large toy that I forgot was in there.  The bag is my bag, the special bag that I used when I would go see him.  “Can you show me how it works?” He moved in closer making me laugh. “No, not now!” I said with a giggle. ...more

Meet In the Middle: Satisfying You AND Your Partner

Communicating what you want in bed can be daunting.  But like anything else, mastering sex with your partner takes practice.Cindy Meston, Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin and Director for Sexual Psychophysiology Laboratory, asserts that both men and women have sex for love, commitment AND PHYSICAL GRATIFICATION....more

Down time

“Thank you.”“OH no. Thank you!”The sun was slowly going down and I knew it was time to go, but how could I since I was now covered in chocolate syrup, whip cream and lubrication gel. It was great!!! Of if I could have done this in my teenage years when my knees didn’t hurt, my back was bendable and my lower parts were wetter than two of the seas and an ocean.  I would have married him the first time he asked me....more

Put a lock on it

Several readers have asked me to write about the latest insult to women everywhere: the anti-rape underwear. It's such a ridiculous idea, I thought it might be a prank....more