Lie back and think of not being a virgin anymore

I was 15 when I lost my virginity with R who was all blonde hair blue eyes and hairless chest. He was four years older than me (dont call the police) and he was a family friend. I was infatuated he unfortunately wasn't. For him it was the thrill of doing it on my parents sofa whilst they slept upstairs. For me it was painful. Did he take advantage?...more

Moving on




Blurred Lines not so blurry

Recently, Robin Thicke's newest cancion caliente has drawn some harsh criticism for some of the lyrics and the naked women in the video. It seems that “Blurred Lines” is screaming rape vibes and the continued oppression of women in a day and age where, let's face it, all that should be well behind us. I agree. I do think that the rights issues of women and other minority groups should be well behind us, and I'm incredibly grateful to all who continue to fight the good fight to see that happen....more

Why Should My Sex Life Take A 'Pause'?

My boyfriend's birthday was a little while ago, and I decided that it would be fun to see if my local Sex Store had anything that might be entertaining or interesting, mostly because I didn't want to give him the usual shirt or cologne.  The underlying internal message was, as always, maybe there will be something that will also interest me.  ...more
i had a complete hysterectomy a year ago today - and my sex life has never been better!good luck ...more



A "Swinging" Good Time

“Swinging” has always been one of those topics discussed in hushed voices.  Hunched over the corner table in Starbucks, eyes in constant motion while you scan all directions to make sure no one is paying too much attention.  The conversation becomes punctuated by code words, emphatically emphasized and accompanied by the requisite widening of the eyes to make certain your companion clearly understands the meaning.But maybe this choice isn’t as taboo as it once was. ...more

The Party Remember


Great a Party

 We are call ourselves “For Sistas”....more

Let Me introduce myself

“We sell Them toys.”Strange saying right.  But that was all it took some day to make a little extra money for us.  My sisters and I have started selling adult toys out of the trunks of our cars.  What ever you want, need, or think we might have, we do have....more