9 Sex Myths Debunked: The Things You Thought You Knew

*Hi. Have you ever watched porn? Of course you have.Perks of being editor-in-chief of a feminist website, include but are limited to: early release books!Exhibit A: The Sex Myth by Rachel Hills.(As if I’d say no to that.)...more
If men took an honest evaluation of their penis size, sex would be less disappointing. Most men ...more

The Final Frontier: Lessons in Love

"Sometimes touching another person is more than I can bear."-Walt Whitman, "Song of Myself"I’ll admit it: I’m 34 and in the first real, all-growed-up relationship of my life. Until a few years ago, I never let anyone get close enough to hurt me. Vulnerability was not a color I was willing to wear, and for years I thought that that made me pretty bad-ass. I didn’t need a man to take care of me—I could do it just fine by myself, thank you very much....more

Sexual Positions Article Hub

Want to raise your status in the sack by learning more about the various sexual positions which can upgrade your standing to Master of the Bedroom? You’ve come to the right place. The Condom Depot Learning Center’s Sexual Positions Article Hub has all the mind and body-bending poses, positions and anatomy lessons you need, all in one convenient locale....more

When Sex Is Worth Waiting for

It might be easy to take off your clothes, have some fun then wake up the next day and walk away like nothing matters but it can be so damn difficult to simply look into someone’s eyes and tell them you miss them. Or even just sit next to them and say nothing at all. It all depends on who it is. Sometimes accidental touching with the right person — arms, hands, knees, shoulders, could feel even more intense than three hours of dirty sex with a hot one. What’s hotness for if it can only excite your body for those few hours but never more? Never your mind or your soul....more

Consent: You Didn't Get It From Me

At seventeen, I didn't think it was odd that you, at twenty-two, wanted to date me. ...more
Thank you so much! I can't tell you how grateful I am to have this piece be featured.more

4 Things that’ll Tell If You're Genuinely in Love or Not

In 2012, Google revealed that ‘what is love’ was the most searched phrase by web users. I was stunned when I came across this revelation.Is it not amazing how people fall in love every day, yet millions of people are still searching for the meaning of love?In trying to figure this out, I’m left with just two possibilities....more

How To Choose A Sex Toy You'll Love: The Specifics

Following my previous how to choose a sex toy post, which covered the basics, I thought I’d offer a bit more information on some of the options available. Hopefully it’ll help you find something you love....more
From reading this and hearing people around me in my women and sexuality class who masturbate I ...more

How To Choose A Sex Toy You'll Love: The Basics

 Picking your first toy, or even buying your third, fifth, or tenth, can be an extremely frustrating, overwhelming, intimidating, annoying, and exciting experience. As someone who worked in a sex shop trust me I know, I’ve heard it a thousand times.Fortunately I’ve crafted up this ‘quick beginners guide on choosing a sex toy that might just help you find something you’ll love....more

Sex Negativity – Just Say NO To Sensationalized Media

If you follow me on twitter, you probably saw a smattering of angry tweets recently pop up in your feed in response to a Womens Health Mag article (originally posted on ...more

Oral: Give it another try

I once heard a comedian say something along the lines of "it's not a true bj unless there's mascara running down your face"....I'm not gonna lie...I lost it when I heard this.And I've noticed that when it comes to oral sex you either love it or you hate it. And I can think of one reason why you possibly hate it.... being shoved into it...literally....more