Oral: Give it another try

I once heard a comedian say something along the lines of "it's not a true bj unless there's mascara running down your face"....I'm not gonna lie...I lost it when I heard this.And I've noticed that when it comes to oral sex you either love it or you hate it. And I can think of one reason why you possibly hate it.... being shoved into it...literally....more

Decade (may be NSFW)

It was Thanksgiving night, and the brisk winter air rushed across the back of my neck and I shuddered as I stepped outside. I walked toward the car, and my body grew colder, my anxiety rose. As he got out of the car to open my door, I noticed the street lamp illuminating his handsome face. His beautiful green eyes greeted mine, and he smiled as we kissed hello. I got in the car and looked up to meet his gaze. His smile slowly faded as he crossed back to get in the driver’s seat. I knew it was now or never, and I don’t believe in never....more

Open Letter to Elaina Watley: Victor Cruz Is The Least of Your Problems

This is an open letter to Elaina Watley. Victor Cruz is irrelevant.A couple of days ago, I read that you sent a group text to your man’s chillas (allow him to translate that) to incite anger between the dumb ass broads that are sleeping with your future husband. They didn’t fight with one another. They, probably, traded info because they don’t care....more

Stop asking if it's okay to have pubes yet

It is obvious to many that I love men, however I love women more. I believe us women are far more fascinating and complex creatures than men, and we are arguably more empowered now than we have ever been, so why the fuck are we still asking them for their approval. Before I started writing I thought it would be a good idea to read, see what was out there and what other women had to say with their freedom of speech, i’ve noticed that there’s an awakening happening regarding our body hair, but we’re not quite there yet....more
Removing one's pubic hair is ridiculous. If a man prefers a woman who looks like she hasn't ...more

What Do Our Sexual Fantasies Say About Us?

Have you ever had a dream you wished you never wake from? That kind of lucid dream where everything feels so real that when you finally wake you wonder if it was truly a dream? Now, what is that dream got steamy, and the content started getting a little graphic. Suddenly the dream that you've become engulfed transforms into a fantasy....more

Sexual Deprivation: Hard Limit

NEED.That is a funny little thing. To be only four letters it bears the sisyphean task of being crucial to life. Always referring to different things and needs of different kinds. Sexual need is it's own brand of feeling. It is a need that you feel. It is an emotional void and a severe physical lack that keeps you up at night. It is a hunger. It is a desire....more

I Don't Need Sex (Anymore)

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let me be clear. I LOVE sex and I WANT sex.So, if you opened this post to see why I don’t like sex then I'm sorry!I don’t NEED sex… anymore.So, what do I mean by need vs. want, especially when it comes to sex?I used to think that I didn’t need sex and that it was always on a want basis. It wasn’t until I was in my first serious relationship, after my divorce, that I realized how needy I was....more

Lessons in alcohol

While reading my son the story of Dumbo, I had forgotten there was a passage around the clowns drinking some "funny water." And of course my son didn't understand what that meant. So that became the moment when I told my five-year-old about the effects of alcohol. ...more

It's OK to Not Feel Loved: A Romantic's Tale of Being a "Slut"

This is simply a glimpse into a millennials life and perhaps, unfortunately enough, one of the biggest factors in my life so far has been men, and plenty of them....more

7 Real Reasons You Need to Have Sex With Your Husband Everyday

Ok let me share something with you. People always ask me for relationship advice - single people, married people, people that want to be married and people that want to be single. I don’t know why girl, they just do. So I’ve decided to make my first relationship post about something that I keep being asked about....more
Thank you, I think sometimes as women we get complacent with sex and these are a few reasons why ...more