Dating and Relationship Poison: The Ultimatum

It worked on your older brother and made you the king of the playground; ultimatums are a sure way of getting wh...more

Long Distance relationship, Does it really work?

Long Distance Relationship, Does it really work? ...more

Valentine's Day

"Game of Thrones" Plays for Keeps (**Major Spoilers**)

After Sunday night's episode of HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” Twitter and Facebook lit up with the outrage of faithful viewers because the main character, Lord Eddard Stark (Sean Bean, pictured below), a man of truth and honor, was summarily beheaded at the whim of a petulant and illegitimate, teen king, Joffrey Lannister.I was watching the Tony Awards and didn't get to see "Game of Thrones" until a repeat showing later in the evening and luckily didn't read any spoilers.Good thing too, because I loved it!...more
 @cobalt91 I actually read the first book after Season 1, and liked it.  I'm waiting until ...more

Reclaiming Your Sensual Self: Taking Down the Filters

When was the last time you had sex for the sake of your senses? No, think about this. This isn't a question about orgasm. This isn't even about pleasure in and of itself. This is about using every given sense receptor, focusing on it and really, truly experiencing what that sense tells you, not just whether it feels good or not, harder, baby, harder, deeper, deeper, faster, faster, oh, yeah, oh, yeah. No. Think: when was the last time you lived your sensory data? ...more

This was beautiful. It's something I'm working on right now in my sex life, so I appreciate your ...more

Sex: To Wait Or Not To Wait?

In real life, Charlotte probably wouldn't be friends with "Samantha because -- as early as middle school -- sexual experience is the dividing line among females. It's a value judgment that we hurl at each other and then teach to guys, in the hopes that he'll pick us instead of them. Why are we still making the expression of our sexuality about him? ...more

I've been waiting for two or three years, and I don't know if this really is happening to ...more

Gaga Ain't No Lady

I’m a little late on this one, I know.  Actually, what I’m about to discuss has been bothering me for a while and really reached a peak at the American Idol Finale a couple of weeks back.  I had decided to just let it go, just move on, but I can’t.  I have to “Express Myself” (note the Madonna reference) and then, hopefully, I can get on with my life. It seems that everybody is ‘gaga’ over Lady Gaga right now.  That is no surprise.  I’ve been on the planet long enough now to recognize a marketing phenomenon when I see one.  They come, some stay, som...more

Yikes, thankfully, I missed that performance.

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Romance Heroism 101: The Beginners' Class

* reposted from the Nine Naughty Novelists *...more

No other words! big fan!! so funny and real!!! I am following!!:)more

Sorting Through Dirty Laundry Not Ours; What Weiner's Woes Say About Us

This week, in a 30 minute press conference that felt like 30 tortuous hours, New York Congressman Anthony Weiner confessed that the infamous "crotch shot" was indeed his. This after originally lying and suggesting that his email account had been hacked. The Congressman admitted that he had had flirtatious Internet relationships with about six women in which he sent sexually explicit pictures and text messages. Mr....more

and certainly hope that impression was conveyed. This sort of behavior always has difficult and ...more

Unique Vibrators: Exploring the Cutting Edge of Eroticism

The days when all sex toys were classified as novelty items are slowly changing. Now, manufacturers, realizing that their customers are smart and savvy enough to consider sex toys as essential to their sexual health as well as their pleasure, are creating toys that are designed to be enjoyed for a long, long time. They’re often beautiful to gaze upon; form and function meet, combining powerful motors in aesthetically pleasing or even high tech designs. Here are some phenomenal products from manufacturers who aim to please!...more
tess, have you ever used a sybian? Have you got any information about them?more