Early in the AM. I love it. The silence is indulgent. There's a peace to the air, the atmosphere, that is steady, that sets itself to defy the impossible. I could wake up everyday at 4:30 a.m. just to experience this kind of possibility. Sometimes I find it inside myself. Many times, I need the outward inspiration. I take a lot of inspiration from nature. Last night I performed a full moon ritual. It's a great thing to do for yourself if your interested. I've simplified it, not having sage to burn or a big elaborate fire....more

Nag Diaries 8.10 - Sexcapades

This is actually one of my favorite posts and I am reposting it just for fun!  I have not blogged all week!! I have been working....and an update is soon to come for what has happened this week.  But I must tell yall about my event full morning this 14th day of our Lord, 2010. ...more

The Sexual Positions You Should be Doing

  Good old missionary. It's the first sexual position you ever try  and the one that you will do for the rest of your life. Sounds pretty boring if you ask me. Sex isn't just a one position activity in my opinion. Your bed and body can become an erotic jungle gym if you are open minded and ready to spice things up a little. I think of missionary like steak....more

Banned Books Week: Suzanne Collins' "The Hunger Games"

When Suzanne Collin's The Hunger Games was released in 2008 it caused a sensation. The young adult book that was Survivor meets American Gladiator meets guerilla warfare. Collins reported came up with the idea while flipping channels between reality television and coverage of the war in Iraq. In the novel children were pitted against children in a televised game of kill or be killed. It was the fifth most challenged book in 2010. ...more
 @cooklaughlove No, the whole point of the book is to desensitized children against killing and ...more

Sex Strike Brings End to Violence

"Their stirring love will rise up furiously, they'll beg our arms to open. That's our time! We'll disregard their knocking, beat them off -- and they will soon be rabid for a Peace. I'm sure of it." So speaks Lysistrata, the protagonist in the classic Greek play by Aristophanes, which tells the tale of women trying to resolve the Peloponnesian War by withholding sexual pleasure from their warring husbands. Though originally performed in 411 BC the play finds relevance today due to the actions of the women on Mindanao Island in the Philippines. ...more
It was also used in Liberia in the early 2000s as part of the Peace Movement, led by now Nobel ...more

Does having kids make men less sexy?

A new study says testosterone levels drop when guys have kids. Before your guy freaks out because he thinks this means his manhood suffers because of fatherhood, I've got a spoiler alert: Lower male testosterone levels in this study reflect an improved capacity to care for their children–and that in my opinion also means an improved ability to care for their mates which makes guys even sexier....more

If You Have An Erection Lasting More Than 4 Hours

There are so many products on the market for erectile dysfunction and male enhancement.  Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra seem to be the leaders in helping the man with a not so stiff stiffy, feel like a steel rod again.  Then you've got the medications geared toward helping the man with a micropenis hear something other than, "is it in yet?"    For male enhancement, the top 5 choices, as reported and reviewed on www.howtoenhance.com are 1) SizePro, 2) VigRx Plus, 3) ProSo...more

Girl Friend Talk

Jewel Postell at www.jewelpostell.com Well, as great as things have been between us for our two years together, I started to feel a change a few weeks ago. Our connection didn’t feel as strong, and Evan was acting distant. I wondered if it was just the stress in our lives—his dad had just gotten out of the hospital, and I’d just started a new job—or that we were really growing apart....more

SEX NEWS: Female Orgasm, Pill Recall, Sex Doll Couture and Lawsuits

There past few weeks have brought us all kinds of interesting news and the love and sex front is no different. Here is a quick roundup of some interesting research and news stories about relationships and sexuality that crossed our radar. ...more
Wow! If it isn't one thing its another. We are reading on the news all the depressing things ...more

Sex and the Husband

Venus / Mars, Oil/Vinegar, Men/Women...yup...I'm saying that man and woman go together like oil and vinegar. Men and women think of sex so differently - it's a wonder that any marriage at all can last more than 10 years.  I mean seriously dude - back off!!!...more