Day 14- Feeding in the Shallow End

Can't Win'em AllStealing is wrong.I have been loathed to admit it to many. I have every intention of paying back the people who have been of assistance to me over the past year of hardships....more

Sex in Literature Awards: Leave Authors Alone

“Do you subscribe to Esquire?” my friend Hannah asks me. It’s a chilly February afternoon and we’ve met for lunch at the Hammer Museum’s café for the usual dishing session. Most women meeting to discuss their love lives would be thrilled to expense their lunches the way a sex columnist and the author of several ebooks detailing her sexploits do, and we usually are thrilled, even if we’re not half as good at keeping track of our receipts as we are at chronicling every detail of our encounters. Except today. Today, Hannah looks livid. ...more

People just need to read more romance novels. They certainly have sex scenes. Well, ok that ...more

Jackie or Marilyn?

This is an old post (Sept. 22, 2010) from my column on Sexandthe405 that seemed right at home here on BlogHer. Enjoy! ...more

My Adonis

This morning, I woke up to the sound of a snoring swede in my bedroom.  I'd spent the morning gawking at his beautiful body, he looked like a Calvin Klein model with his tanned flawless limbs, lightly freckled chest and cropped blonde hair.  Our clothes were strewn about on the floor, empty wine glasses balancing on the edge of my dressing table and white bed sheets thrown haphazardly at the end of the bed....more

His & Her Blog - The Beginning

Macarena to Pole Dance

Husband wants me to learn to pole dance.  What?!  I couldn't even learn the Macarena!  How am I gonna pole dance?!   Allie

Side A: Love Songs, Part 1

If music be the food of love, play on....more

Favorite Foreplay Technique?

Favorite Foreplay Technique? How about "monogamy"?   Allie

Male Multi-Tasking

Male version of multi-tasking: Thinking about sex while having sex. I'm just sayin'. Allie

Valentine's Day Right Around The Corner

So Valentine's Day (or Single's Awareness Day) is right around the corner, and that mean's my snooping has been really extra sneaky. Last year, my husband took me to a nice restaurant and had a friend decorate our bedroom with rose petals while we were at dinner. I know the rose petals are cliche, but I thought it was cute.This year, I'm hoping for something similar. I don't care about the gifts but V-Day is one of the few times when he's not busy with his PS3 or blackberry. He shows me attention :)...more