Three Interactive Ways to Spice Things up in Bed

Fall is gaining ground, but that doesn't mean things need to cool down one bit. In fact, now that summer is drawing to a close, we think it's time to take things up a notch, and here are some ideas for going about doing just that. ...more
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Would you let your daughter/son read a DC 52 with the cover below?

I think it's funny that you would choose Supergirl as the example considering the previous ...more

Sexy Homework Assignment for Two

There are so many things on our daily to-do lists that we often push pleasure and intimacy off, hoping the next day will be less hectic. Unfortunately, pushing quality time off can get a couple out of the habit of making time for each other -- and sex! Here are three assignments to get things back to speed. ...more
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the movie

The other thing that's hard about raising girls is having "the talk". My husband refuses to have anything to do with it ("You're a girl, she's a girl, it's your job"). Fortunately there's "the movie". For those of you who haven't dealt with it yet, it hasn't gotten any better since I was in elementary school..... My daughter saw "the movie" in fourth grade. When she came home from school, I asked her if she had any questions. "No" "No?" "Nope, I'm good........" But I could tell there was something on her mind....more


One of the hardest parts of raising a girl is dealing with b-o-y-s. Most importantly, dealing with how dad deals with boys. We have a lot of kids in our neighborhood, and they've spent most of the summer running the streets, playing soccer and riding bikes and playing tag...but in the past couple of weeks, I've noticed a change. At the beginning of summer, my daughter would play outside occassionally - she enjoyed playing with the neighbors, but there were plenty of other things to do  as well....more

Having a Sexual Slump In Your Relationship? Rekindle That Fire with These Mood Enhancing Tips

It is important to keep your sex life exciting and fulfilling in a relationship.  Whether you have been with your partner for one year or twenty years, sometimes relationships can go through a sexual funk.  There may be days, weeks, or even months that go by without having sex.  If you or your partner are finding it difficult to get in the mood for some erotic fun, here are some helpful advice that may spark up the sexual fire in your relationship again.  Remember, some of the below tips may be a little out of your comfort zone....more

EdenFantasys Final Thoughts On BlogHer11

The most striking thing about EdenFantasys' appearance at this year's BlogHer11 conference was how people kept coming up to our table and thanking us for being there. In between the food samples, spa treatments, and household products, there was our table, proudly displaying items that, as one person put it, would have had us "removed from the building" just twenty years ago. ...more

Is Intimacy Still Important?

I'm sure many people on here don't think about sex as much. Especially since we're all busy with out lives, whether it be work or managing the home. Well, in my case, chasing my kids around and then making sure the "man" is "happy."Hell, it's commonly cited that men think about sex every seven seconds—and whether or not that figure is true, one can be fairly certain that both men and women think about sex way more often than theyhave it....more

The Term "Sex Kitten" Takes New Meaning Today

Good Morning scare me.  Quite frankly, in a very good way. You keep me on my toes.  Well, not really because I'm always on my couch watching your program.  Typically, I'm on my second cup of coffee (OK fifth cup of coffee...but it's decaf so everyone relax!), when your program comes on my television and into my living room to both frighten and teach me.  My baby girl is typically napping in her swing.  You always seem to have at least one story that makes me choke on my coffee....more

The Good, The Bad... The Oxytocin

You swear it won’t happen to you. You won’t become “her.” The one who waits by the phone for his call, checks your text messages furiously, or creeps his facebook page to see who he’s communicating with and if god forbid there’s another woman in the picture. Yet time and again it happens, you find yourself becoming what you dread.  Wouldn’t it be a relief to know that this wasn’t just your own obsessive nature but was in fact the effects of a hormone designed to proliferate the species by forging a bond between partners?...more
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