Follow the Arrows to the Love Hotel

You’re on a date and it’s going really well, so you decide to take things a step further. What do you do when you live in Japan? Take your lover back to your house or shared apartment? Methinks not, as some walls are literally paper thin in Japan. Shag in the karaoke room? It’s an option but there are cameras in each of those. If you are getting laid in Japan, you will most likely be paying a visit at one time or another to a love hotel....more

16 Things a Mother Should {NEVER} Do....


The one about being too hung over to be the Easter bunny was sad. Know when to party, folks. more

Welcoming The Warm Weather – It’s Giveaway Time!

Welcome to May!!  The weather has finally broken through the winter/early spring chill and I don’t know about you, but we here at HM4Her are ready to heat things up!  It’s that time of year when Spring Fever hits and we are chomping at the bit to pull off our clothes and get down and dirty....more

Faking Orgasm: Sex Is About the Journey as Much as the Destination

A lot of women fake orgasms. This is a concern for men, but hounding someone about whether or not they're orgasming is not going to help them get there any faster. Also, the emphasis placed on climax has the disastrous effect of focusing people solely on the destination, which leads them to forget that a big part of sex is the journey. ...more

The 7 year itch. Is there one and do you scratch it?

You know that proverbial "7 year itch". The one where everyone says that things in your marriage get stagnant and around this particular time often we find ourselves asking, what if? Was there someone better suited for me out there? Did I settle in my life for something that I mistakenly thought I wanted? You get stuck in the same old rut of being comfortable just like an old sweatshirt that you never throw away because it's warm, cozy and always there for you....more

I love SEX

Sex is natural and apart of life. Is it the most important..? No, but it feels great. As women we are always told to be seen and not heard. What happens in the sheets should stay within these walls. But men brag about this pussy and that pussy, well I can speak on this dick and that dick if I wanted to. Tradition is not my best friend and I feel being outspoken will make some women upset.Why you ask? Well......more

"I was a fat kid" by Molly Jong-Fast

     I was a fat kid.  ...more

Quiver & Quake: Vibrators 101

Orgasms are amazing! And vibrators can help you achieve mind-blowing orgasms. They can help pre-orgasmic women become orgasmic and they can teach you what your body responds to and what it doesn’t. But with the large variety of vibrators available, choosing your first may seem a little daunting.  Let’s narrow down the playing field to help you target the vibrator that will give you the best possible experience and will show you just how significantly sex toys can improve your outlook on life (or at least your day)....more

Dealing with Sex Drive Differences

What if you want sex more than your man? Listen to six men in different stages of a relationship weigh in on what it means. ...more