50 Shades of TMI?

 Propaganda for 50 Shades of Grey is everywhere. Not only are snippets flashing across the flat screens in our private living rooms, they're popping up on covers of magazines at the doctors office, and on the radio as we drive our kids to school....more

Dearest Readers

Dearest readers,Can we talk?I wanna tell you a secret.In my not-so-distant past, I've settled for less.I've journeyed the rugged, tar-black roads of lies about who I am.  Maybe you’ve traveled similar paths.  If so, you know the routes spewing filth and dust. The kind of dust that sticks to your skin like black tar, lingering for days, weeks, years. Whispering lies about who you are....more

How to Feel Sexy on Valentine's Day With Health Issues

Valentine's Day is approaching, and while many people plan romantic evenings, the holiday can put a lot of pressure on those of us struggling with infertility or chronic illness. The combination of medication, fluctuating hormones, and vacillating emotions often results in a complete lack of libido. So what can you do if infertility or chronic illness has left you feeling not-so-frisky this February 14th? Here are five tips to help you celebrate and enjoy even if you're not "in the mood." ...more

50 Shades of My Opinion!

Fifty Shades of Grey comes out this weekend.  I confess, I've read the whole book series, and you know what? For the most part, I liked it.  Sure, it's not realistic, according to the true BDSM -ers (if you haven't checked out Fetlife.com, you don't know about serious BDSM -ers), but for us "mostly vanilla" folks, it's fun fantasy fodder (go me, with the alliteration!).  I know that when I first read it, and got to the "checklist," it caused quite a frank discussion among my lady-friends and my husband....more

How Abstinence Helped My Self-Love Journey

I never thought much about abstinence. I mean, growing up with Nigerian parents, I was told to wait till marriage. There was no conversation about sex in general; I was just told not to do it....more
MommyKerrie That is an amazing story! Thanks so much MommyKerrie for sharing, I appreciate it.more

On Squirting

This is about to get adult. Back away if you are uncomfortable. However, if you are female or are sexually attracted to anyone that has typically female anatomy, I hope you’ll stick around and listen up....more

5 Reasons to Make Sex about her Pleasure

Women are pleasure creatures. Our senses are more sensitive than men. In general, women have more discerning taste for food, can see more colors and distinguish between colors, we have far more sensitive skin and emotions. Nature didn't stop there. A woman's clitoris has twice as many nerve endings than a man's penis. Those nerve endings are there for a reason!!...more

10 Dating Mistakes We Need To Stop Making

Every so often, I like to lament on the challenges of dating as a twenty-something.For women and men alike, finding a partner is difficult. Historically for me, the most taxing part of dating has been putting myself out there again and again, only to be disappointed. As a woman in her late twenties, finding someone who is on the same page as me has been frustratingly elusive. Either they want absolutely nothing to do with commitment, or they want the wedding planned by June....more

Menstruation. Does it weird you out?

So, my Sinful Sunday picture last week. Did you see it? Did it weird you out? I won't repost it here but, for those who have not yet seen it and would like to, you can follow the link to take you to Crimson Splendour....more

Sex and a Woman. Every woman should read (explicit)

Sex. Mmmmm. For every woman, sex is an amazing thing. Most men have no idea how the woman's mind works, and just how often we think about sex. We can be so perverted at times (dont deny that when you see something in the shape of a penis, you laugh.) and often, we tend to be the horniest creatures on earth. Once a woman's sex button has been pushed, there is no time limit to how long it will stay on. So, since sex is such an incredible thing, that everyone should enjoy lets talk about sex....more
Toys are great fun and are the best aids to help you find what works best for you. Your partner ...more