Bad Sex: How to Turn it into Great

I’ve heard that guys compare sex to a cake – sometimes it can be awesome and really "tasty", sometimes neuter, but never actually bad. However, for us, girls, the situation is completely different: it can be superhot, but sometimes you just can’t handle it and want to forget it as if it never happened....more

I Was NOT Prepared for Dating in 2014

Dating in 2014 is far different than it was over a decade ago when I was last single. Overt sexuality in the media and a high ratio of women compared to men - especially here in the South, I believe, has changed the dating landscape. In my dating life over the past couple of years, the majority of men I encounter have an expectation that after three dates it is time to “put out” or get out. Three dates?...more
writergal2014 TRUE! Happiness starts within and when it is reflected on the outside I think ...more

Why I Read Romance: Not For The Sex

Heaving bosoms, throbbing manhood, ripped bodices, damsels in distress and burning touches…  Romance fiction is a booming one billion dollar industry.   I am not immune to the seductive allure into fantasy and escapism.  In fact, I probably read 15-20 romance books a year.  I love the handsome, strapping archetypal heroes and the strong, yet soft feminine heroines....more

Love is...Always... in the Air

Today I want to dedicate some time to my boyfriend, Nick.  After all, he more than deserves it. ...more

apparently i'm a cougar

i am shallow.  a creature of physical attraction.  flex your ab muscles at me or let me catch a glimpse of your bi-cep and i'm in love. i was never attracted to guys my age tho.  not even in my early/mid 20's.   i found i was drawn to guys younger than me.  it started out just 4-5 years.  but as i got older, i got more shallow.  i let the visual over ride any and everything else that might matter. ...more

Low Libido - HELP!

So what if you can't spice up your sex life because of low libido? Do any of you have a low sex drive? I have been married for 20 years to the most wonderful man. He is sexy, funny, smart, and a great father and husband. For the past few months, I have had no desire to have sex. I do it out of obligation. I want our marriage to last. Do any of you have any suggestions? I see advertisements all the time for men, but none for women.  What are our options?...more

When We Talk About Rape Culture

When we talk about rape culture, we are talking about the pervasive belief that women deserve to be raped by simply existing in the world. Find that too strong of a definition?...more, I believe you've hit the nail right on the head with ...more

My Husband Only Wants Sex Once a Week; I Want More!

Reader "I Want More" writes,...more
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We have always been a dress up kind of family. My mom has spent hours meticulously constructing costumes....more

Six Signs That You Haven't Had Sex In A Long Time

1. Your vagina has closed up. Yep, it just closed up when you weren't looking....more
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