Sexting at Work- I think I've created a monster!

Recently I texted a pic of my cowboy boots to the King when he was at work. They were new and he hadn't seen them yet. They were expensive, so by way of justification and softening the blow, I did this:

photo 1

Now as it so happened, he was in a meeting in his board room (yes he ACTUALLY left the house) and the board saw his attention be diverted to his phone and a smile cross his face. Naturally he was fine to share and this is what I received by way of answer:

photo 2

I'm rather cheeky like that and it totally worked, he thinks the boots rock and hasn't asked how much they were. :)

So last Friday, as it was board meeting time and The King was once again in the office, I did it again:


So now it's become a thing... How far will it go?

Mum reckons 11.

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