Sexual Assault Survivors: SPEAK OUT! Together We are Strong!

It amazes me that even in the year 2007, we, as a society, are still "not speaking" about Rape/Sexual Assault/Child Abuse as if it remains a taboo topic! We women as a whole have fallen into the unstated mentality that if we don't speak of it, or if we pretend it doesn't exist, it will never affect us or a beloved family or friend.

Not true!

According to RAINN, the nation's largest Anti-Sexual Assault association:

*Every 2 minutes, in America, someone is sexually assaulted.
*1 in 6 American women are victims of sexual assault, and 1 in 33 men!
*About 44% of rape victims are under age 18 and 80% are under age 30.

This is a societal epidemic that needs to be stopped! While the previous statement is obvious to most of us, many of today's women wonder what exactly can be done to lower those statistics.

It's easy! SPEAK OUT!

If you are a sexual assault survivor, SPEAK OUT! Tell your story! It may not be something your friends and family and coworkers want to hear about, but what you say may be able to help them in a similar situation. As a survivor, you have an obligation to protect others from the harm you have come under. Just by sharing your story, someone else may pick up a tip that may save his/her life at a later date!

If you are not a survivor, you can still SPEAK OUT! Get on the internet or call a local Rape Crisis Center and get information about preventing sexual assault, then share them with every woman you know! Education and knowledge are a key to preventing others from becoming a statistic.

If you are interested in learning FREE Safety Tips, please visit the following websites for more information.

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

If you are interested in SPEAKING OUT, you can be a part of any of these activities!

Take Back the Night
The Clothesline Project

If you're a Survivor and are interested in getting support from other survivors, feel free to join my online message board community located here at Taking Back Control MB or visit my Survivor Website here. It is a password protected community that will allow you to commune with other survivors in a safe, respectful environment. All you have to do is register, and I will approve you for same-day posting rights!

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