Sexy Suimsuits for Little Girls: Really?

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[Would you be appalled if a swimwear company was using sexy images of little girls in their ads? Melissa Wardy at Pigtail Pals sure was, so she wrote a letter to Submarine Swimwear CEO Deborah Soriano and posted it on her blog. The response Melissa got wasn’t exactly appreciative--Mona.]

She writes:

I never heard much from Deborah, just a vague threat about “hearing from her attorney”. I was never contacted by her attorney, but was emailed three separate times by her business partner and the company’s social media manager, Charlene Friedrichs, to address such issues as my hair, my weight, my ugliness, my daughter’s ugliness, my bitchiness, my ugly website, and my poor husband who she hoped was blind.

Read the full post on Swimwear Sexualization on Pigtail Pals now.


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Credit Image: Anais Anais on Flickr

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