The Shadow of Your Smile: Review, Giveaway, Writing Helps, Video and other good stuff!

When I’m looking for a story that will satisfy all my readerly cravings, my go-to author is Susan May Warren. In whatever genre—romantic suspense, contemporary romance, historical fiction—I can find a SMW book to provide entertaining drama, heartwarming romance, Bible-based truths, and characters who—by the end of the story—seem like old friends. Her latest novel, The Shadow of Your Smile, is no exception.


The Shadow of Your Smile features two couples, younger and long-married, whose relationships need repair. I was drawn most to the mid-life couple, Noelle and Eli, and quickly became immersed in their drama. As they looked back at events and choices and asked the inevitable (and painful), “If I had to do it all over again . . .” questions, I hurt with them. And I loved how finding who they were in the Lord as individuals became the key to bringing their lives and love story full circle. Their sweet second courtship left me playing the song The Second Time Around (video below) in my head and smiling.

So if you have even the slightest touch of the long-cold-days, dark-too-soon, winter blahs, here’s my prescription . . . Follow this link to enter giveaway and continue reading!

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