Sometimes in life we simply need to Shake up our lives in a good way……Mix things up a little…..Streamline things a little…..Change things around a bit…….Not just because life can get boring…..If we are doing things right rarely should life get boring if at all. I always say “out of boredom comes creativity….” Sometimes in life we simply need to refine what we are doing to take us to that next level in life. Life is about change, growth, and creating our best life….It is a continual process….Just when we think we are complete we find that it is time to make some positive changes again….

Some people’s lives are so stuck. Stuck in a rut…..They are doing many of the same things over and over everyday with the same old results….that they don’t want….Much of their life is good so those things they don’t want to get rid of….but those things may need tweaked….Tweaked in the sense of “cleaned up….” Sometimes people simply have to give their lives a bath, clean out their life closet, organize their life closet, and decide what no longer is applicable for their lives for now or the future….

Periodically I change my furniture around…..Not because it didn’t look good before, but because it gives me a new perspective on what I have…It sort of freshens things up….Sometimes I go through things and “throw out” or give away stuff that is no longer applicable…..Keeping what is important and letting go of what is simply cluttering up my life but giving nothing in return…..Even Attics are meant for storage of what someday will be used….not for stuff that is never to be used again for any purpose…..Then it becomes clutter…

When people clutter up their lives they can’t see the good that they do have…..Some people’s lives are so cluttered that they have lost perspective of all that is good in their lives simply because they do not have a clear view of anything…..Too much clutter equals confusion and even sometimes chaos….A chaotic enviornment….Take the time in life to declutter areas of your life….

Habits such as health practices (way we eat, exercise, rest) can be cluttered with poor health habits…..Time to unclutter that area……Filling life up with relationships that simply should not be in our life….time to unclutter in the right way (always politely if possible)…..A cluttered home, car, or even office space can be a sign to unclutter……Doing things that waste time and give little in return can be a need to unclutter.


Yes, sometimes we simply have to unclutter, shake things up a bit in the process in a good way, mix it up some, freshen it up……to come out with something wonderful……People do get “stale” in their lives when they allow too much negative to take over and remain there….Life can get outdated and we simply need to freshen things up a bit…..Look at what still belongs and freshen it up, shine it up, and make it all great again….

Live your best life…..Keep things wonderful and fresh in your life……Life is meant to be enjoyed…


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