Shame on you, Monte!


May I just say that I hate Monty from 'Say Yes to the Dress/Atlanta' for this comment on his blog  "Monte's take"...

 was past the threshold of the marrying age, conventionally speaking. This was an older bride who definitely knew her look! She was not traditional, and I think she surprised her family. They might've balked (bawked!) at the dress, but it was a smart choice. She picked a fun texture for the skirt (that look is all the rage on aisles and red carpets), but she went with a more conservative straight neckline. She looked fantastic on her wedding day."

....past the threshold of the marrying age?
....conventionally speaking?
                                                                     This is Brittany.  
Pretty sad when someone in the industry feels like it's his job to make women feel lousy about themselves.  I wonder if Brittany saw Monte's comment.  I hope not, because not only is Brittany stunning, but all of us, Brittany-beautiful or not, young or old should not have to put up with that shit from anyone.  Granted, Monte rallied and threw in some nice words about Brittany, but still.   Ouch.

I've spent some time on this blog harping about my hated of strapless gowns, how to try to be age-appropriate...and after reading Monte's comments I must say... I have a bit of remorse. I've been tough on some choices brides make, especially mature brides.  I do dislike strapless dresses on 99.9% of everyone - young and old, but that's just how I've always felt.  I am in the minority - go try to find a dress with sleeves.  There are almost none available.  My daughter had the sweetest little spaghetti straps sewn on to her gown, and I was grateful.  I think she did it for my benefit.  I've also been bitchy about wearing veils.  I've always hated them and only wore a small one in my wedding decades ago because my now-ex (thank god) sister in law forced me to.  Plus, a veil means "purity" and I mean....come on.  A white dress, often misconstrued to mean the bride is pure -  actually means "joy".  No problem there.

I've gone on a bit of a rant here - not how I intended this blog to go.  I wanted to post pictures of beautiful midlife brides, though there are few photos of midlife weddings to be found on the web.  I wanted to say that no one knows YOU better than you do.  I intended to say that we all have our likes and dislikes and we should bride-it-up in any and every way we want to.

Figure out what your vision is and go for it.  I know it's hard to find information, and more importantly, inspiration.  Let's do it together.  There is a place for us in the world of weddings, though we are ignored by the industry.  We don't need to worry about looking foolish...the smile on our faces as we, at last, marry the man of our dreams is really all that matters.



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