Share your experience...especially when you don't feel like sharing

I coach and encourage expectant moms to do only what works for them during their pregnancies. This is the core focus of the work that I do. That being said, there are some general suggestions that I make. One is that you share with others about what you’re experiencing…especially when you don’t feel like sharing. 

Now, how you might choose to share can look a myriad of ways. You could talk to a coach inside a confidential relationship, you could talk to everyone and anyone who will listen, you could open up to a small select group of trusted friends, etc. I specifically suggest talking to others because it’s the access to enabling others to support us.

We too often feel that we’re alone, that no one has experienced what we’re experiencing, that we’re flawed in some unique way, that we’re the only ones who aren’t able to deal with something effectively. We haven’t heard anyone else we know talk about their concerns of becoming a mom or getting hemorrhoids or obsessively enjoying their bigger boobies or any other seemingly significant or superficial thing that we’re chewing on. We’re too embarrassed or too proud or too “something” to bring it up. It takes courage to share openly. It’s an effort that requires a willingness to be vulnerable and open ourselves up to scorn, gossip, or judgment.

Are you willing to share…even when you don’t feel like it?


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