Share your plans for living healthier in 2008 for a chance to win a trip to BlogHer '08!

Congratulations, Mrs. Flinger!

Fling that laptop into the modified diaper-bag-carry-all case and leave the kids with Dad. You'll be heading out to San Francisco in July for our annual BlogHer Conference.
Mrs. Flinger - BlogHer Winner

Thanks for all of the contest entries. We can't wait to see everyone this summer!

**Contest Update**

Resolutions schmesolutions!

How are you REALLY making a difference to your health this year? It doesn’t matter whether you’ve promised to compete in an Iron Woman competition, or cut back on carbs; the point is that you do something.

In the spirit of working toward healthier minds and bodies, we teamed up with Boca Burger to provide you with a chance to support the community. Tell us how YOU are living healthier in 2008—in any fashion. Your entry may just win you an all-expenses paid trip* to BlogHer ’08, July 18-20, 2008, in San Francisco.

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Entries will be collected through February 17. A winners will be selected and announced on this page and in BlogHer’s General and Free Stuff Newsletters on Monday, February 25 2008**.

*Up to $1,000 value

**Announcement made in newsletters will occur on the regular posting schedule, on or after Feb 25.

Judging Criteria:

Entries will be judged by a committee comprised of BlogHer's community managers and selected health and wellness bloggers. Among the criteria members will judge by:
• Results: Have your changes had a positive effect on you, or those around you?
• Informational and inspirational quality: does your entry give the community something they can take away and follow?
• Content quality: What can we say? We’re bloggers! We like things that are well-written and proof-edited.
• Buzziness: Does your entry inspire others to respond or link to your entry?


• Entries should be no more than 250 words in length.
• Entries must be placed below in the comments section of this page, or a URL link to your entry on your own blog must be posted to the comments section of this page, to qualify.
• Entries must be written and posted before 11:59pm PST on Feb 17.
• Entries must comply with BlogHer editorial policy for appropriateness.
Click here for complete Official Rules.

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