Sharing Photos Of Our Grandkids

The pros and cons of putting kid’s photos on the internet is an on-going debate.  I think most guys are not comfortable with the idea.  And I personally believe that the discomfort level is correlated with a guy’s age. 

We tend to become, with age, more private.  Regardless of whether it’s rooted in our physiological or sociological makeup, we’re always wondering who’s lurking and we get unnerved about broadcasting personal information.  Personally, it doesn’t make a difference. Even if it did, my wife and daughters wouldn't care.

But what really gets to me most is the process our family undertakes to “share.”  Inevitably, I find myself at my notebook, with my wife’s hand on my shoulder. It's her way to give me encouragement to pursue, a series of internet maneuvers to see our grand-kids pictures.  By the time, the pictures are displayed, I usually have lost my enthusiasm. It gets worse, when we share the moment via telephone with one of our daughters. Although they are helping to overcome some of the hurdles, after a while I tend to zone out. I'm always amazed at how much navigation variation there is among web sites. Somehow, we should all learn from the auto industry - They all agreed to keep the steering wheel, brakes and throttle in the same location.

My friend has solved the picture problem by buying an iphone and an iPAD and contracting for services that total about $120 per month. But I got a laugh, when I asked if he txt’d.  He held up his hands and the size of his thumbs answered the question.



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