Sharing Seeds

Pedro Schambon and Elizabeth Johnson  got together at My Father’s Farm  with the excitement of seeing a new variety of pepper grow.

Months ago, Pedro had planted Aji Pepper seeds for Elizabeth and it was time to see if the idea of growing a Peruvian variety of pepper could  be grown in Texas.>

Elizabeth is creating a Latin American Menu for the CIA new restaurant in San Antonio, TX and Aji Pepper is only one of the ingredients she is hopping will be grown local

On our visit to My Father’s Farm that day, Elizabeth  also brought new seeds to share with Pedro.  It  reminded me of  elementary kids trading cards! They both were exited about every pouch of seeds.  Reading the specifications and making notes.  They shared pictures and knowledge.  Both knowing the value of sharing those seeds.

It was fun watching them walk through the farm.  Getting excited about  a new variety of radishes,  the taste of flowers or a new kind of herb,  and at the end leaving each other with high hopes of soon  meeting again to celebrate a new harvest.

You could buy Pedro’s Schambon organic vegetables at 

My Father’s Farm is located at  
1722 Steffens Road, Seguin, Texas 78155

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