Sharpen Your Wits: Warby Parker Fall 2013 Collection Launch

I'm Honored by Warby Parker to introduce to you the new fall 2013 collection
Warby Parker: Fall 2013 Collection
"Plot Your Own Story"
“It’s just that I know the world is so wide and full of people and exciting things that I just go crazy every day stuck in these institutions. I mean if I don’t get started soon, how will I get the chance to sharpen my wits? It takes lots of training. You have to start very young.” -Sally Jay Gorce, Elaine Dundy’s The Dud Avocado Find
Our newest collection for Fall 2013 recalls the shaky years when social change was nearing take-off, just before the Surgeon General denounced smoking and hemlines creeped north. We aimed to capture this enthusiasm in our second TV commercial, directed by Phil Andelman (maker of music videos for Taylor Swift, Rihanna and The Kills) and starring native New Yorkers Harry McNally and Malu Byrne. It’s a paean to the literary life. - Warby Parker
Click to watch the exclusive commercial 

 Who is Warby Parker
Where in the world is Warby Parker?
Warby Parker is a group of four friends who have made wearing and buying glasses cool again. Warby Parker is their creative online boutique aimed at bringing you fun and whimsical eyewear at a fraction of the cost, of the overpriced glasses you may get from your Optometrist. Not only is Warby Parker causing quite the stir in the fashion world for their unique frames, but they are also well known for their partnership with VisionSpring. Giving a pair of glasses to someone in need who can not afford their own pair.

When you buy a pair of Warby Parker glasses not only will you become instantly cool just for looking awesome, but you will be helping a great cause!

My first question when I learned about the brand is where did this dorky and somewhat sexy name come from? Warby Parker. It that kind of name you can't stop repeating. Like that seductively-nerdy character that you would meet and fall in love with on a TV show. Admit it. A man named Warby Parker and Zooey Deschanel in a movie would be the next cult classic. 

But then, it also occured to me, that this is what their new collection is about. With the glasses having names like, Ames, Ripley, Rowan, Holcomb and Ellison -it's to make you feel like you're meeting characters right out of a book such as, Jane Austen's, Fitzwilliam Darcy.You feel like a classic character yourself, when you don this new fall collection. These glasses give you the feeling of sitting in a coffee shop, typing away at your typewriter, when all of a sudden a man comes in! His mysterious look and confidence is right out of an old Hollywood movie. 

"We've always been inspired by the master wordsmith and pop culture icon, Mr. Jack Kerouac. Two of his earliest characters, recently uncovered in his personal journals, bore the names Zagg Parker and Warby Pepper. We took the best from each and made it our name."

If your life became a classic novel, which frames from the new collection launching today, would be your leading man?

"With a bold brow line and generous width, Ames transitions
easily from mornings in the quad to nights on the town."
Ripley’s round, stainless steel-rimmed lenses and acetate
brow will catch admiring glances anywhere you ramble.

Our signature plaques and rectangular lenses lend a professorial
authority—and loads of finesse—to Rowan.
Don’t be fooled by its narrow width; there’s nothing delicate about Holcomb. 
With an acetate bridge and subtle cat-eye, it’s quite the looker.
Ellison is a sure bet for anyone trading the stacks for that cosmopolitan bustle.
The medium size and timeless wire accents make it a reliable choice.
Oh and of course every leading man has a "wingman". 
Who would be your leading man's wingman?
For me, my leading man would be Mr. Holcomb, (marbled sandstone of course) due to the fact that he is quite the looker. His wingman would definitely be Mr. Duckworth. So in Love!

Find the collection online at and at Warby Parker stores and showrooms.


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