Sharpie Marker Tie-Dye

This is not technically tie-dye per-say, but it's pretty darn close.

You will need:

-Rubbing Alcohol

-Permanent Markers

-Medicine Dropper or Small Paint Brush


-Large trash bag

I used a plain white .99 bandana from Wal-Mart. I have also done this with t-shirts before and it works great.

First you need to spread out your trash bag on a work surface. If you are doing a t-shirt be sure to put cardboard in-between the fabric laters.

Next, draw your image on your fabric. Our camp theme has to do with stars, so hence the star patterns I drew all over.

Do not do a good job drawing your images.

Seriously, don't.

It doesn't matter, because the lines bleed, so do not at all worry about perfection.

Next you want to fill your medicine dropper with rubbing alcohol. You can also use a paper cup and paintbrush. I give every drawn line a thin coat. The more you use, the more the color will bleed.

If you don't trust your drawing skills, use a template. I also tried out this chipboard star and I love how it looks as a repeating pattern.

You don't have to rush to put on your rubbing alcohol. Take your time and get your drawing completely done. You CANNOT draw on the fabric once it already has wet rubbing alcohol on it.

Brush away! The fun thing about this project is you see instant results.

Let it dry for several hours, and then toss it in the wash before you wear it.  

Get creative  with your patterns. This project would be so cool with a quatrefoil pattern on fabric that you turn into a pillow.

I even did a chevron pattern, and you can see how sloppy my lines are.

Once the color bleeds it will look abstract and your uneven lines will look great.

That's it!

This project takes just a few minutes, and is great for kids too! I think I might even try it on a pair of white sneakers.


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