Sharpie Paper Dolls!

Sharpie Paper Dolls!


Miki Tiki & Lucy!

I used a little fastener to connect a pink “ask Miki” paper-wheel to answer questions (almost like one of those “Magic 8-Balls”). You can turn the pink disc of paper while you are asking Miki Tiki a question, and she will give you one of 4 answers.  Lucy wears a red spider dress and NEVER has to comb her hair! Cool!

Captain and I had a lot of fun this afternoon creating paper dolls. It was turning cold outside, and we found that this entertained us for over an hour! All you need is a set of colorful Sharpies, some pieces of sturdy white paper (such as watercolor paper), and scissors. You’ll need a little fastener if you want to add an “answer wheel” to your doll.

Sketch your doll in a simple way, using a pencil. A very simple doll can be drawn by making a large triangle for the body, adding a circle for the head, and then throwing some on some arms and legs, if desired. I like to outline everything in black whereas Captain likes to keep it pure. You can add details, like eyes and hair with pencil, or free-form them in with the sharpies.

IMG_8817Color all parts of your doll and cut out. The Sharpies add luscious color that fills in the spaces in a way that I love!




The orange, pointy head just needed something, so I cut a disk of paper, colored it pink and used a little brass fastener to attach it behind Miki’s forehead. Then I added 4 “answers” to the pink wheel for random questions. I didn’t put a lot of thought into it, but used as answers: “Go with your heart”, “Try something new!”, “Try again”, and “Ask the trees!” We took turns asking questions, with Dad, for a surprising length of time.  It was pretty funny when Captain asked the question: “Shouldn’t I snuggle up and watch a movie now?” and Miki Tiki’s answer was “Ask the trees!” Of course the trees thought it was an excellent idea and also added that we should have spaghetti for dinner.  That Miki Tiki… she is FULL of great ideas! :)



So many things can be drawn and colored with Sharpies, and wintertime is a great time to add in some extra free-form craft time! We will probably make more paper dolls again soon since we had so much fun. Captain suggested we keep a folder of all of the paper dolls we make this winter. I hope you try them too. Definitely consider making a paper-wheel-answer doll! It is more fun that it sounds, and the possibilities are endless….

A scrumptious winter week to all!


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