Shaven not Stirred?


What is the big deal with pubic hair? or lack there of? It once was only a matter of personal preference. (and by personal - I mean for the owner of the pubic hair to have it be their prerogative to shave/wax/style it as they see fit.) But it has become for many as important to maintain as the hair on their heads.

I cant decide if this is a result of broader sexual expression or for lack of a better term - those women who sleep around thus needing it to be as perfectly groomed as the hair on their head forming some sort of instant impression to men. Or if it is merely becoming a trend in fashion. One that I hope would not so freely be on display.

I had a conversation with my Father yesterday about a woman's need to bikini wax this season.
Yes. It. Was. Awkward.
But needless to say I certainly agreed with him and what seemed to be his very strong views on why a woman should take particular attention to that area in bikini season. I certainly will say that I take particular care of that area in the hotter months - though I almost always choose to wear board-shorts over the top of my bikini bottoms - it seems only natural to eliminate any possible means for humiliation, especially while lazing around the pool on BBQ day with my sexy boyfriend and his many other chiseled male companions. I assumed most other women shared my view on this but it seems it is certainly not the case.

I was able to classify the three views of pubic hair according to the following stereotypes.

1) The Average Woman
2)The Skank
3)The Hippy/Germaine Greer (OOPS! ) Sorry I meant to say; Feminist.

I believe they are fairly self explanatory.

So I decided, in order for Bikini Waxers to be in business, most of the populations women must make up the first two groups. So there you have it ladies.. we are either Average, or Skanks.

Its been a very optimistic day.

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