She absconded with Bode Miller's fetus!

Pregnant women. Man, them bitches think they can just up and go to college even when the baby-daddy wants them to stay close to HIS home. That’s exactly what happened to poor Bode Miller, “the Olympic ski star known for daring Alpine racing”. When a former marine named Sara A. McKenna got pregnant (which was all her fault I am sure because women are responsible for all the birth control of course) with Bode’s love-child, she discovered that her job with the fire department was a bit too much. Especially since she was going to be a single mom. Therefore, last December “when she was seven months pregnant and already sparring with Mr. Miller about their future relations, Ms. McKenna moved to New York to start school” at Columbia University on the G.I. bill, which is way the hell across the country.

Well, instead of leaving the fetus in her body to be gestated elsewhere, or keeping her ass near the baby daddy Bode Miller like God intended, this uppity chick thought she could just go off to a prestigious university and take her uterus with her! Good Greif! Did she think she had some rights as a human being, or something? Didn’t she know that when Bode Miller knocked her up she became a life support system for his fetus and her body now needed his permission to take the fetus elsewhere?

Sure, “Ms. McKenna said she asked Mr. Miller to be an involved father, but he initially pushed her away. She released a text message from June in which Mr. Miller, explaining why he would not accompany her to an ultrasound, said, “U made this choice against my wish.” But his anger that she didn’t abort for his convenience was no reason for her not to know that the fetus (and the body containing it) was his property!

The court certainly straightened her out about that!

“Once the boy was born, Ms. McKenna filed in New York for temporary custody. But on May 30, a Family Court referee refused, rebuking Ms. McKenna for “unjustifiable conduct” and “forum shopping” and making the unusual decision to leave the case in California even though the baby was born and lived in New York.

While Ms. McKenna “did not ‘abduct’ the child,” the court said, “her appropriation of the child while in utero was irresponsible, reprehensible.”

The Family Court in San Diego proceeded to grant primary custody to Mr. Miller. On Sept. 4, as Ms. McKenna described it, choking up, Mr. Miller and his wife came to her apartment, “took the baby out of my arms, dropped it in a car seat and drove away.”

She thought she could have rights in NY just because she was going to school there and the baby was born there. This chick is so dumb!

Oh wait, maybe not. On “Nov. 14, a five-judge appeals court in New York said Ms. McKenna’s basic rights had been violated, adding, “Putative fathers have neither the right nor the ability to restrict a pregnant woman from her constitutionally protected liberty.” The appeals court also ruled that jurisdiction belonged in New York.”


It won’t matter, surely. The court must give Bode Miller and his new wife, Morgan Beck, custody because -- Mrs. Miller pointed out on her blog -- that the Millers didn’t need to use that icky old childcare like McKenna, and were thus better parents because only bad moms use childcare. Obviously the kid belongs to his father, who married someone to take care of him!

Update: “Bode Miller lost temporary custody of his 9-month-old son Monday — but he’s still hoping a judge will allow him to take the baby to Russia in February when he competes in the Winter Olympics.”

The drama over baby custody (which should be joint for God’s sake) will continue in December. I for one hope that McKenna gets joint custody but as primary residence. Bode Miller has clearly shown he can’t be trusted to do the right thing for his son.