she is amazing

Major storms on and off all day today. Of course it was a day when the kids had doctor appointments an hour and a half away. I am definitely not a good bad weather driver. I get very panicky. The doctor is going to change my daughter's medication due to her extreme weight gain. This new one should help with the voices without the side affect of such an extreme weight gain. She is small, so carrying so much extra weight on her frame isn't good for her heart. She was so disapointed when he told her he can't make the voices completely go away. At such a young age, his choices of meds are limited. He told her he can make them quieter and not so angry, but that was not what she wanted to hear, I know. It is such a heartbreaking thing for her to have to suffer with. The fact that she is also developmentally challenged makes it hard to really explain things to her. You have to keep things so simple. It just seems as if she has more challenges than one person should ever have. I have done a lot of reading and it seems that children with early onset schizophrenia are very often diagnosed with autism in their early years. Some of the early symptoms are very close in both disorders. This fits to me as she seemed to have some traits consistent with autism, but didn't seem to fit the "typical" child that you see with it. She was diagnosed with autism by the state center for autism at four years of age. At the time, I chose not to do ABA therapy as the autism was secondary to the FAS and the director said she didn't know if that therapy would work for her. They were willing to try, but I am very overprotective and couldn't imagine putting her through something that wouldn't work. I have always worked with her at home since birth. Any exercizes the OT or PT would give us, we did faithfully everyday. She has achieved more than any of the doctors ever thought she would, so I feel good about the work we have done. You should never acccept limits on children. No one but the man above knows what they can truly achieve. The doctor said we will probably not really know until her teen years how this will grow with her. She is never ever violent, so I can't picture her becoming that but he said we will have to wait and see. I come home from these visits and feel as if I can't do enough for her. You want to give her anything she asks for. Any small bit of happiness. She is very happy, though. Always smiling and hugging. Always telling me she loves me. She is amazing.



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