She builds bridges, schools and delivers results

I have ensured many developmental projects in my panchayat, including many dug wells, hand pumps, roads, and toilet construction in the village. Some major works done by me include construction of a pond in the village (as water scarcity was the major issue of the panchayat), construction of a primary school (as there was no school in the Panchayat and I was very interested in promoting education and in providing education to the children of the Panchayat) and construction of aaganwadi centres which are government sponsored child-care centres, in the faliyas (areas) where there was need of such centres, in the Panchayat. More importantly I [have] instilled an interest, a zeal in the people about education, sanitation, gram sabha (village meetings) participation and now people [have] got an understanding of the importance of education, importance of having toilets at home, importance of participation in Gram Sabha meetings. Now people actively participate in the meetings and raise their issues and make demands under various government schemes and I think this is my biggest achievement.

What is your main message for the younger generation? What should they learn from your experience?

Do what you think is right for you. Be confident. Get the technical knowledge of whatever you are planning to do and lastly, let others criticize your efforts – they will surely appreciate your efforts whenever you will achieve success.

What is your message for other women/girls who may be inspired by your journey and achievements? 

Be confident. Do whatever you are planning to do. The members of this patriarchal society will definitely oppose every action of yours. They will criticize you, make fun of your actions, but finally it is you who are going to implement your planning. Once you achieve success, everyone will start appreciating your efforts. So just concentrate on your work and do it to the fullest.

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