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[Editor's Note: Tonight, Chelsea Kane will find out if she gets to take home the coveted DANCING WITH THE STARS mirrorball trophy. But before that epic moment, she sat down and tapped out some of her thoughts on the DWTS experience just for us here at BlogHer! Thanks Chelsea - you're a super star and you're gonna kill it. --Morgan]

As I pondered the theme of my blog about my Dancing with the Stars experience for, the obvious “HER” part of the site leaped out at me.  My guess is the majority of readers are women and I immediately thought of my mom.

Growing up, I would constantly awaken from my dreams with a mouth as dry as dust.  I love water and especially crave it at midnight.  Waking up from a dead sleep with a dry tongue and reaching for a cold glass of agua is complete gulping euphoria.  Every night I would slither out of my sweaty comforter and reach for salvation, courtesy of the pink plastic water cup placed there by my mom.

It is now the final days of my DWTS experience and I crash into my bed each night like I did when I was five.  But now, at 22 year of age, I have to fill my own bubble bath, put my (hopefully clean!) pajamas on by myself and there is no one to carry my weary body to bed or put on Billy Joel’s “Lullaby” to sing me to sleep.  And those cherished memories of my mom really materialized last night when I rolled my sore and parched body over to grab that desperately needed nightly drink, only to discover I was grasping at air. No bedside H2O was to be found.


This time, there is no sound of motherly footsteps ready to slay the thirst monster.  If I wanted water, I was going to have to climb from the comfort of my bed and fetch it myself.  As I stood in the light of the refrigerator and quenched my desires with an ice cold bottle of water, I thought about how much I have grown from this DWTS adventure.

Though I have done children’s theater and movies and tv shows, none of it compares to learning advanced ballroom dance skills in a short time and performing them live in front of millions of eyeballs. Luckily, I was elated when my dance partner turned out to be the handsome and skilled Mark Ballas who has done everything in his power to prepare me and guide me through the most incredible roller coaster ride I have ever been on.  As I nervously descended the grand staircase to do my first Foxtrot on week one, the reality of the “big girl” decision I had made increased with each passing step.  There would be no hiding behind mommy’s skirt on this one, no “do-overs” if I messed up or couldn’t find the right answer during interview questions.  And no quitting allowed. 

I had to live with every decision and consequence over the next ten weeks.  Even though we received low judge’s scores for our “Panic at the Disco” Jive due to going “out of the box,” it is one of my prouder DWTS moments and the dance that I probably receive the most compliments about.   I met boy bands and idols, sat in coveted positions next to Ellen DeGeneres and Jay Leno and watched in disbelief as Donny Osmond used my name and the word “talented” in the same sentence.  I cha-cha’d to an original song about first love, waltzed to the most magical orchestra in the history of ever and partied and shimmied my fringed USA pants until I had cramps in my sides. 

Though I can no longer tip-toe into mom’s room at night and lay across her bed to relay my day’s events, I still call her whenever I can for late night gossip sessions and motherly advice.  And I know that when I look over at her from my prized position on the finals stage this week, the indescribable connection between mother and daughter will be electric.  And when we both rest on our pillows that night, the same familiar tune will be on repeat in our heads:

Goodnight my angel now it's time to dream

And dream how wonderful your life will be

Someday your child will cry and if you sing this lullaby

Then in your heart there will always be a part of me

Someday we'll all be gone

But lullabies live on and on

They never die, that's how you and I will be

And the “big girl” me will look over and see the glass of water that I remembered to put on my nightstand.

Here's how our big girl did (Go Chelsea!) ~


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