She had corn for dinner

Well we're back at it.  After a couple months of not having my Bug on a regular basis my prayers and lamentations were answered with a job locale change for Chris.  Starting in February he took a different shift in EAGAN so by the grace of God the little thing is back with me - this time we're shooting for the first and third Wednesdays of the month.  

It is important to note (as a reminder to my future self) that I chose those days solely because I thought I would have a better chance of getting together with Sandi and Will...however I completely misunderstood her and it is, in fact, the first and the third Wednesday that they CANNOT get together.  anywho.....she's back. 

And today is our 2nd time back together and it's about 100 degrees below zero with the windchill and for the 2nd time we stuck it out, inside this house, inside the square of our living room for the entire day.  I must remember to call the clock guy because something is seriously wrong with my clock.  When she's sleeping it runs really fast, when she's not, it's only 9:30am then about 2 hours later it's 9:50.  

This in no way reflects my love or adoration for this girl who charms me near to tears every time I see her.  She's FUNNY, like for real funny.  

So the dop off happens at approx 5:15am (yes) and the last time we stayed up -- this time I wised up and layed her right down and she slept nicely for 2.5 hours and we both woke up like normal humans.   Great fun ensued -- eating scrambled eggs n' spinach, freaking maggie out with Bug's near-walking-and-serious-crawling abilities, tinga tinga tv, read/sang a  book, eating some more, noise making, face time with uncle Jeremy...aaaand that's about it.  

Oh except she left me a nice big present and thereby let me know that she clearly had corn for dinner last night.  By the looks of it, that's all she had.  

Nap time came at 1:30 and that's a wrap for this day.  From this point forward, we will have somewhere to go or something to do or someone to visit.  

Of super importance:  she'll be ONE next week!  whaat??? please don't grow and please don't walk and please don't turn 18 cuz then I'll be 60 and you'll surely not be visiting me near enough. 

I love you almost one precious little Buglet.  


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